Women Superintendents Policy Leadership Academy:

The Women Superintendents Policy Leadership Academy supports novice [2 years or less] leadership development in policymaking and advocacy. The focus of policy writing and adaptations for equity centered ecosystems will provide navigation and understanding of how policies are written, whom they are written for, and when to navigate or advocate.

The curriculum and assignments will be delivered via simulations, virtual and in-person workshops. Real-time issues of policymaking and advocacy will be at the core of teaching and learning. Our Latino/a/x students will reach 30% of total student enrollment in PreK-12 education by 2023. ALAS is committed to addressing the needed policies and policy adjustments needed, to address our youth in particular. The overall goal of the WSPLA is equip our Latina leaders in their quest for educating all students accordingly with adjustment to better address current and future education issues, with an emphasis on serving our latino/a/x youth.

Please read the information below for program requirements, selection criteria, selection decisions, and program session attendance.

To apply: 

by July 31st

To recruit and prepare Latin/o/a/x school system leaders to become superintendents of school districts in the United States with an emphasis on Latin/o/a/x- serving school districts having a population of Latin/o/a/x students 20% or higher.

A yearlong leadership academy that allows participants to learn current organizational leadership proficiency in a hybrid learning environment from superintendents who are known for their success and skilled in their practice.

The mission of the ALAS Superintendents Leadership Academy (SLA) is to improve and expand opportunities for emerging school system leaders to acquire the knowledge and skills necessary to serve all children with an emphasis on marginalized students.

ALAS seeks dedicated and novice [2 years or less] and aspiring Latina assistant superintendents in their development of the knowledge and navigating skills necessary to develop and drive education policy.  The selection process is highly competitive due to the limited number of participants as designed by the cohort model. Ideally, candidates are serving as novice superintendents or assistant superintendents who plan to obtain a superintendent position within 2 years.  In addition, a candidate should have:

  • Served in a leadership position for a minimum of 2 years
  • A proven track record of leadership in a cabinet level setting
  • Ability to understand, lead education transformation 
  • High level of energy, determination, and perseverance to act as an advocate for students, staff and the community at-large
  • Ability to learn quickly, possess analytical, and problem-solving skills
  • Excellent oral and written communication skills
  • Ability to work and succeed as a district systems leader, in a school district that serves all children with an emphasis on Latino, Black and marginalized students
  • Commitment to equity, excellence, for a high quality education for all students
  • Passion for improving public education and a long-term commitment to PK-12 education
  • Commitment to the mission and vision of ALAS
  • Commitment to “giving back” service of time and knowledge to ALAS

All applications are reviewed by the ALAS WSPLA Selection Committee after the application window closes on June 25th 2021. The ALAS WSPLA Selection Committee Members have a strong understanding of the skills needed to succeed as a principal. Candidates selected to move forward in the application process will be notified on July 19th of an interview to take place on Saturday, July 10th in New York, notification on acceptance to the program will be made immediately to the candidates following the interviews.

Participants are required to attend program sessions every other month (except for December) beginning in August and ending in May of the following year. The program is comprised of 4 virtual and 2 in-person sessions covering various content strands. Participants are provided required readings, assignments, and activities as part of each session.

  • All Women Superintendent Policy Leadership Academy participants must be members of ALAS.
  • All WSPLA participants will pledge to attend all sessions of the WSPLA including the ALAS Education Summit.
  • The Women Superintendent Policy Leadership Academy participants will be required to pay a $3,000 registration fee.
  • The WSPLA will cover most meals while at the in-person sessions.
  • WSPLA participants are required to self pay lodging and airfare to attend in-person LSPLA sessions.
  • ALAS reserves the right to make necessary adjustments to these program requirements as circumstance may change from time to time.

NOTE: Participants will be dismissed and not be allowed to complete the program if they miss more than one session; if they are not ready to fully participate in this high quality leadership program; or if they are not committed to the ideals of the PLA by violating the Code of Conduct.