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Shoreline Public School District
Shoreline, WA

Shoreline Public Schools, serving the Washington state communities of Shoreline and Lake Forest Park, has  long been known for its quality schools and community involvement. Situated between the shores of Puget  Sound and Lake Washington just north of Seattle, this District is an incredible place to live, work and learn. It  serves a beautifully diverse community that values and supports their public schools. Their bonds and levies  regularly receive overwhelming support. 

Shoreline’s 9,250 students—of which nearly 50 percent are students of color—are served by a highly dedicated and experienced staff. They offer an inclusive school community that respects and embraces all identities,  cultures, customs and religions. From the Board to staff level, they are focused on leading with equity and are  taking distinct steps to affect systemic change to address the needs of those furthest from educational justice and increase the diversity of its teaching staff. 

Families move to the Shoreline and Lake Forest Park communities because of the quality of schools. Students here  consistently score above state and national averages on standardized tests and 90 percent of their high schoolers  graduate in four years. Nearly 85 percent then pursue post-secondary education. 

Honors and AP classes are open to all students who meet the course requirements, and the district is also a state  leader in enhancing student instruction through the use of technology, notably with a 1:1 device program. Students  are also offered robust extracurricular programs and opportunities with state and nationally recognized music,  drama, TSA, robotics and athletic programs.  

The base salary will be in the range of $317,000.00 plus a comprehensive benefit package. The final salary will be  determined based upon the candidate’s experience and meeting the board’s profile. 

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Application Deadline: March 26, 2021 

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