Crosby Independent School District
Crosby, Texas
Job Type


JG Consulting has engaged with the Crosby Independent School District (Crosby ISD) to recruit qualified candidates to serve as the Superintendent.

Crosby ISD is seeking a strong interpersonal and visionary leader.  The leader must be someone who will connect with, support and inspire commitment from students, staff and the community. The Superintendent must be an effective communicator who is willing to defend and make difficult decisions on behalf of the district. The leader must also have expertise and knowledge in academic policy and pedagogy and its impact on student academic achievement.

The Crosby Independent School District serves approximately 6,400 students and boasts many learning programs to prepare students for college and the workforce. Crosby ISD is also a District of Innovation which aligns to district’s goals and priorities. Crosby, TX is in close proximity to Houston, TX (approximately 25-miles), which is home to many cultural activities and venues to enjoy. The city of Crosby is a thriving community embracing a dynamic family atmosphere. Crosby ISD is also a member district of Fast Growth School Coalition.

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