Job Summary:
Qualified candidates from throughout the world are invited to apply for this exceptional opportunity to lead Oregon’s fifth largest school district in sunny Central Oregon. Serving as superintendent of this vibrant and fast-growing district in one of the most desired areas in our nation is the opportunity of a lifetime.
Bend-La Pine Schools seeks a dynamic new leader to continue and build upon on the district’s long history of excellence. The superintendent will embrace the growing diversity of the area, strive to narrow the achievement gap for our historically underserved students and empower each member of the learning community to thrive and find success. In fulfilling that primary goal, the superintendent will inspire, collaborate with and work alongside the school board, staff members, families, community partners, local residents and students to ensure each student and staff member has the teaching and learning environment they deserve.
About Bend-La Pine Schools:
Bend-La Pine Schools is Oregon’s fifth largest school district, serving more than 18,500 students across 33 schools and two charter schools in the Bend, La Pine and Sunriver communities. Our more than 2,000 employees are driven by an unrelenting passion for education and a commitment to provide students the learning environment they deserve. We care deeply about academic excellence, but we care just as
much about our students’ character; their preparedness for the next steps in their lives; and their abilities to think critically, work creatively, communicate, and collaborate.
Our students outperform state and national averages on the ACT and SAT exams and our graduation rates are continuing to climb – up nearly 13% in the last eight years alone; the number of our third-graders who are proficient readers outpaces the state average by almost 20 percentage points; more freshmen are on-track for graduation; and we are able to recruit and keep highly effective teachers, staff, and leaders.
The community has long supported its schools, passing six school construction bonds in the past 30 years, which have provided 17 new schools and supported hundreds of facility safety, preservation and maintenance projects and new classrooms for students. In community surveys, residents overwhelmingly give the district a positive performance rating. For nearly 30 years, voters have consistently approved requests for capital construction bonds. These investments have funded 17 new schools, dozens of new classrooms, and hundreds of maintenance and preservation, technology, and equity projects.
Minimum Qualifications:
A Master’s degree is required with an Ed.D or Ph.D., preferred. The candidate should have superintendent credentials as required by the state of Oregon. For more information on the accreditation process, contact the Teacher Standards & Practices Commission for the State of Oregon at

Preferred Qualifications:

  • Administrative and senior leadership experience in K-12 education, in addition to classroom experience
  • Proven experience working collaboratively with employee associations
  • Record of working with an elected or appointed School Board, or similar body
  • Experience with strategic plan development and implementation, reflecting the values and needs of the district, including budgeting, development and oversight of long term planning
  • Willing to make a long-term commitment to Bend-La Pine Schools

Visionary Leader:
Hold and demonstrate a relentless belief that all Bend-La Pine Schools students can succeed, with the ability to lead from a lens of what is best for students.
Advance a common vision for Bend-La Pine Schools, building support and trust among students, families, staff, board members, and the broader community in support of that vision.
Work with the Board, Cabinet, and School Leadership to set and meet clear academic, social-emotional, college and career readiness, operational, and financial goals.
Listen with an open mind to diverse perspectives, in order to problem-solve and make clear and balanced decisions.
Act with courage and transparency, particularly in the face of challenges.
Embrace self-reflection, asking questions, being transparent, and holding themselves accountable.
Advocate for Equity:
Approach all work with an equity lens, rooted in a deep understanding of issues involving equity, race and historically underserved populations.
Possess a passion as well as a plan for closing gaps in both experience and outcomes, so that all Bend-La Pine Schools students thrive.
Demonstrate strong skill in equitable practices that ensure that diversity, equity, and inclusion are at the core of all of our work.
Community Partner:
Lead with approachability, empathy, mutual respect, and integrity, to build trust with constituents.
Demonstrate active, committed, and visible leadership within our schools, district, community, region, and state.
Spearhead interagency collaboration to best serve the needs of children and youth 0 – 18+ in our district and region.
Capacity Builder:
Hold deep and successful experience in both classroom and school leadership.
Lead with and model data-based decision making, in the evaluation, recommendation, and analysis of key programmatic, operational, and financial moves.
Oversee and advance systems to monitor and drive progress toward long-term goals of Bend-La Pine Schools.
Cultivate organizational and school cultures that embody the Bend-La Pine Schools’ vision and core values, empowering others to lead in alignment with these values.
Be a capacity builder, working with the Cabinet and School Leaders to leverage strengths and address gaps in a way that helps them thrive, be successful, and be retained.
Create and sustain relationships, through effective communication and collaboration.
Application Process and Timeline:
Application deadline: October 8
Board interviews with semi-finalists: November 5-6
Finalist interviews: November 19-20
Announcement of appointment: January 1
Superintendent begins job: July 1, 2021 or earlier
Confidential Inquiries Please Contact:
Hazard, Young, Attea & Associates, Search Consultant: Valerie Pitts, Ed. D., 831-332-5126,
Bend-La Pine Schools Board Member: Julie Craig,

Bend-La Pine Schools Board Chair: Carrie Douglass,
The Bend-La Pine Schools’ Board of Directors will negotiate a multi-year contract with salary dependent upon education and experience and commensurate with other leading districts in Oregon.
Learn More:
Play this video to learn more about the role and Bend-La Pine Schools: