State Superintendent

State Superintendent 
Maryland State Department of Education 

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The Maryland State Board of Education seeks a new State Superintendent to lead the Department of Education, promote excellence, and guide local school systems in their combined effort to create a world-class education system.  The Board seeks a dynamic leader with these characteristics:

  • Possesses—and can articulate—a strong vision for education and provides the leadership, courage and managerial skill to achieve that vision
  • Understands the complexity of sustaining and improving excellence in a state with great diversity
  • Has ample experience providing leadership and strategies to address achievement gaps  
  • Demonstrates a solid and relevant track record of increasing responsibilities and success in pursuit of educational excellence for all students
  • Possesses deep knowledge and experience in education with a track record of success in navigating the political relationships that impact it


Maryland has been widely recognized for its success in providing quality public education.  Support and resources for education are very strong and citizens want to sustain and improve the state’s high standards while ensuring that they widen opportunities for every student.   Maryland has only 24 districts, enabling the State Superintendent to have a collaborative and engaging relationship at the local level.  

The successful candidate must satisfy Maryland’s minimum statutory requirements for this position as well as the Board’s priorities. For further information, visit Outstanding candidates may apply for this exceptional leadership opportunity at  Please submit your application by March 30, 2020.