TITLE: Special Education Coordinator
The Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools (KCKPS) is a nationally recognized urban school district that serves approximately 22,000 students. With a Head Start program, three preschools, 29 elementary schools, 7 middle schools, and 5 college and career academies/high schools, the district serves a wonderfully diverse mixture of students. A remarkable 62 different languages are spoken in the homes of our students. To serve those students, the district employs approximately 3,650 staff, including more than 1,600 teachers.
The vision of the Kansas City, Kansas Public Schools is to be one of the Top 10 School Districts in the Nation. Our goal is that “Each student will exit high school prepared for college and careers in a global society, and at every level, performance is on track and on time for success.” To help our students achieve this goal, the district is implementing a district-wide initiative called Diploma+.
JOB GOAL: Lead the district in providing quality special education and related services to students with exceptionalities in accordance with state and federal special education regulations and foster the implementation of specialized instructional practices that produce positive outcomes for exceptional learners.

  • Provide support, training, mentoring and coaching to special education teachers, related service providers, paraprofessionals, and administrators for the provision of special education and related services.
  • Advocate for children with disabilities and families of children with disabilities.
  • Respond to parents’ concerns specific to parents’ rights and special education process & procedures.
  • Set a vision for the organization and purpose of special education and specialized instruction.
  • Facilitate linkage to general education initiatives while maintaining a continuum of services in the least restrictive environment for students with disabilities.
  • Recommend to the Director the allocation and provisions of special education staff regarding assigned programs, buildings or
  • Collaborate with human resources department and building administration in the recruitment, selection and retention of special education
  • Supervise and evaluate Special Education Teacher Leaders and itinerant special education professional
  • Assist building administrators with evaluation of building based special education
  • Model specialized instructional practices and disseminate information related to instructional materials, innovative programs, teaching techniques and research pertinent to special education.
  • Supervise the development and implementation of curriculum and validated instructional practices as it applies to specialized instruction.
  • Conduct regularly scheduled department, building or area
  • Oversee and manage department data, budget, paperwork and due process information.
  • Provide professional development and support as related to special education process, procedure and compliance with state and federal special education law.
  • Assist in special education program development, long range planning and evaluation.
  • Maintain a strong knowledge base of current special education processes, procedures, and regulations.
  • Serve as a resource to all stakeholders regarding special education processes, procedures, and regulations. Assist principal to resolve any areas of non-compliance.
  • Report all incidents of school or program non-compliance to special education regulations to principals and the director of special
  • Act as a representative of the Local Education Agency at Private & Parochial Schools, State Schools, and Alternative Sites.
  • Organize and administrate Extended School
  • Monitor services provided to special education students by contracted alternative education programs and assist in program development
  • Resolve any areas of disagreement with parents and advocates following Cooperative procedures and State and Federal
  • Perform other duties as assigned by the Director of Special Education


  • Meets the employment qualifications set forth by the Kansas City, Kansas Board of Education and the Kansas State Department of Education.
  • Valid Kansas Special Education Certification (Building Level Administrator K-12).
  • Five years recent successful special education experience.
  • Excellent interpersonal skills, professional judgment, oral and written communication.
  • Demonstrate skills and history of professional development facilitation and training.

For more information, please go to www.kckps.org/careers or you can call Aaron Watkins at 913-706-5283 or Eric Tyler at 913-219-5242.