Region Superintendent
Position Details
Reference Code: B035
Division: Teaching and Learning Unit
Classification: Licensed Administrator
Terms of Employment: At-Will, Equivalent to Range 47 of the Unified Administrative
Salary Schedule, 12 Months
Position Summary
The position is responsible for providing leadership to school associate superintendents
and school principals. Requires knowledge of teaching and learning processes.
Knowledge of school finance, budget development, and implementation. Ability to work
and communicate effectively with people to focus human and financial resources toward
the achievement of Clark County School District goals. This position is directly
responsible to the deputy superintendent, Teaching and Learning Unit.
Essential Duties and Responsibilities
The list of Essential Duties and Responsibilities is not exhaustive and may be
1. Develop effective leadership skills with school associate superintendents and
school principals.
2. Monitor and assist in the evaluation of school associate superintendents and
school principals in meeting District goals.
3. Develop procedures and processes to ensure that timely and accurate
information is obtained and maintained.
4. Keep deputy superintendent informed of needs, critical issues, and incidents of
which the Clark County School District Board of Trustees and superintendent of
schools should be made aware.
5. Remain current on educational trends and best practices relevant to assigned
areas of responsibility.
6. Responsible for meeting the goals of the focus areas and strategic areas of
proficiency; academic growth; narrowing achievement gaps; preparing students
for college and careers; identifying the value of programs and practices; reducing
disproportionality; providing a safe and welcoming climate; and engaging
stakeholders in school and District-related matters.
7. Responsible for compliance with all applicable federal, state, and local laws.
8. Provide support, supervision, coaching, and mentoring to a portfolio of K-12
9. Provide leadership to school staff in the operation of school organizational teams
to provide assistance and advice to school associate superintendents and
principals to implement and monitor school improvement processes.
10. Serve as the liaison between school principals, school associate
superintendents, and the deputy superintendent or designee; advocating for the
needs of schools; and ensuring compliance with requirements from the deputy
superintendent or designee thereof.
11. Review and approve the plans of operation for schools, including all budgets and
school performance plans, and ensures their effective implementation.
12. Responsible for the performance of schools based upon District and state
accountability measures, student achievement and growth measures, and annual
surveys of school stakeholders.
13. Ensure that schools maintain a positive climate for learning that supports
diversity for students, staff, and parents.
14. Responsible for the selection, assignment, training, performance, professional
growth, supervision, evaluation, retention, and discipline of all staff.
15. Present quarterly reports to local government entities regarding the performance
of schools.
16. Responsible for parent engagement in school decision-making and school
17. Monitor and ensure the condition of the physical assets including the neatness
and cleanliness of the buildings and grounds and the safety, security, and state
of maintenance and repair of the buildings, grounds, furnishings, and equipment.
18. Provide school principals and school associate superintendents with support and
assistance in meeting the requirements of the Nevada Educator Performance
19. Provide support and development to school principals in goal-setting, observation
and feedback, conferencing, and identification and collection of evidence.
20. Responsible for the development and implementation of professional
development for principals and school associate superintendents.
21. Responsible for effective planning, oversight, and control of the expenditure of all
allocated funds.
22. Responsible for consistency in supervision of principals and school associate
23. Perform other duties related to the position, as assigned.
Position Expectations
1. Actively promotes and maintains a relationship of mutual trust, confidence, and
respect among all District staff.
2. Maintains an understanding of the issues in the District and is responsible for
information disseminated inside and outside the District.
3. Promotes and behaves with integrity in relationships with colleagues, students,
parents, the community, and when representing the District.
4. Demonstrates a commitment to transparency and timeliness.
5. Creates and sustains a focus on learning and a culture of continuous
improvement, including the effective use of multiple data sources.
6. Aligns curriculum and instruction with resources in a manner that is culturally
responsive, strategic and diverse.
7. Provides vision and direction to the region administrative team.
8. Demonstrates success in improving student achievement for all students.
9. Demonstrates successful leadership experiences in professional development,
supervision, and evaluation.
10. Demonstrates effectiveness in planning, scheduling, and allocating resources;
reaching logical conclusions and making high-quality decisions using appropriate
decision-making processes; and accepting responsibility for actions and
11. Demonstrates success in exercising good judgment, insight, self-awareness,
integrity, and cultural responsiveness when interacting with diverse employees,
students, parents, and community members.
12. Seeks and accepts constructive guidance from immediate supervisor and from
building-level administrators.
13. Demonstrates the ability to communicate effectively with diverse audiences.
Position Requirements
Education and Training
An earned master’s degree from an accredited college or university.
Licenses and Certifications
Hold or be able to acquire, by time of appointment to the position, the appropriate
Nevada administrative endorsement.
1. Has previously demonstrated at least three (3) years of successful licensed
teaching experience.
2. Has previously demonstrated at least five (5) years of experience as a contracted
school principal in an accredited K12 public or private school (or) at least five (5)
years recent successful district-level leadership experience* as a contracted
administrator in a large (minimum of 30,000 students) urban public school
3. Has experience with school accountability in terms of data analysis leading to
systemic school improvement planning.
4. Has present or previous experience with research targeting student achievement
in diverse educational settings.
5. Demonstrates successful performance in the position held at the time of
* Leadership experience may include but is not limited to: school administration,
curriculum development, professional development, program evaluation and
improvement, instructional assessment and accountability, and educational
Preferred Qualifications
None Specified.
When applying for an administrative position, candidates must meet the minimum
qualifications as listed on the appropriate position vacancy announcement.
AA/EOE Statement
This employer does not knowingly discriminate on the basis of race, color, religion, sex,
sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, age, disability, or national origin.
Job Revision Information
 Revised: 11/29/18
 Created: 11/28/18

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