Job Description
JOB TITLE:    Purchasing Technician
DEPARTMENT: Business Services
LOCATION:  Business Services
REPORTS TO: Director of Purchasing/Warehouse
DATE APPROVED: June 2, 2020
SUMMARY:  The job of Purchasing Technician serves to assist the Director of Purchasing in the acquisition of the necessary resources to support District operations; ensuring District revenue is effectively utilized and properly allocated; ensuring audit trail and reference documentation of purchases; and ensuring compliance with bidding regulations.

  • High school diploma, GED or equivalent
  • Minimum one-year  experience in purchasing or related field
  • Ability to take direction
  • Ability to work efficiently in a team environment
  • Ability to communicate effectively
  • Valid AZ driver’s license


  • Post high school education
  • School District purchasing experience

Such alternatives to the above required & preferred qualifications as the Superintendent/Designee may find appropriate and acceptable

  1. Assists in securing financial leases including preparing contracts for the purpose of ensuring the purchase is complete
  2. Attends professional meetings for the purpose of remaining knowledgeable about current regulation practices
  3. Maintains knowledge of Arizona State Procurement Codes and the Uniform System of Financial Records for the purpose of providing required documentation
  4. Maintains records (e.g. purchase orders, vendor files, etc.) for the purpose of providing required documentation and historical information
  5. Monitors account balances and related financial activity for the purpose of ensuring allocations are accurate, related revenues are generated, expenses are within budget limits and/or fiscal practices are followed
  6. Monitors purchase orders and expedites delivery for the purpose of ensuring accurate adherence to fiscal regulations
  7. Obtains verbal and/or written quotes when needed for the purpose of adherence to rules and regulations
  8. Processes documentation (e.g. purchase orders, requisitions for supplies, equipment, conference requests, services, etc.) for the purpose of acquiring resources to support District operations
  9. Researches discrepancies of financial information and documentation (e.g. bids, purchase orders, invoices, etc.) for the purpose of maintaining accurate account balances and complying with related policies, practices and/or regulations
  10. Responds to inquiries of staff, the public, vendors, parents and/or students for the purpose of providing information and/or direction as may be required
  11. Schedules equipment repairs for the purpose of ensuring equipment remains in operating condition according to service contract specifications
  12. Assists other personnel as may be required for the purpose of supporting them in the completion of their work activities
  13. Researches discrepancies of financial information and/or documentation (e.g. insurance claims, bids, purchase orders, invoices, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring accuracy and adherence to procedures prior to processing
  1. Perform such other duties and assumes such other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Superintendent/Designee

Skills are required to perform multiple, technical tasks with a need to periodically upgrade skills in order to meet changing job conditions.  Specific skills required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include:  performing standard clerical procedures; utilizing pertinent software applications; and utilizing standard office equipment.
Knowledge is required to perform basic math, including calculations using fractions, percentages, and/or ratios; read technical information, compose a variety of documents and/or facilitate group discussions; and solve practical problems.  Specific knowledge required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job includes:  pertinent codes, policies, regulations and/or laws.
Ability is required to schedule a number of activities, meetings, and/or events; often gather, collate and/or classify data; and consider a number of factors when using equipment.  Flexibility is required to work with others; analyze data utilizing defined, but different processes; and operate equipment using a variety of processes.  Ability is also required to work with a diversity of individuals and/or groups; work with similar types of data; and utilize job-related equipment.  In working with others, problem solving is required to identify issues and create action plans.  Problem solving with data frequently requires independent interpretation of guidelines; and problem solving with equipment is moderate.  Specific abilities required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include:  adhering to safety practices; meeting deadlines and schedules; working under time constraints; communicating with diverse groups and planning and managing projects.
Responsibilities include:  working under direct supervision using standardized routines; providing information and/or advising others; and operating within a defined budget.  Utilization of resources from other work units is often required to perform the job’s functions.  There is some opportunity to impact the Organization’s services.
The usual and customary methods of performing the job’s functions require the following physical demands:  occasional lifting, carrying, pushing and/or pulling; some stooping, kneeling, crouching and/or crawling; and significant fine-finger dexterity.  Generally the job requires 70% sitting, 15% walking and 15% standing.  The job is performed in a generally clean and healthy environment.

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