TITLE: Principal – Woodland Intermediate School 

Applicants are instructed to deal specifically with qualifying factors mentioned in the following posting.

POSITION TYPE: Administrative 

DATE POSTED: June 2, 2021 

LOCATION: Woodland Intermediate School 

DATE AVAILABLE: July 1, 2021  

DESCRIPTION: Visionary leader able to promote the educational development of students and staff; support the mission of the school and district; promote a positive school climate for students and staff; oversee the daily operations of the school. 


  1. License/Certification:  
  2. Required – Professional Educator License with Principal or General Administrative endorsement in the State of Illinois 
  3. Education: 
  4. Required – Master’s Degree 
  5. Preferred – Master’s Degree in Educational Leadership 
  6. Experience:  
  7. Required – Three-plus (3+) years of successful school principal/administrative experience. Five (5) years of successful elementary teaching or related experience. Proven record of educational leadership, including a strong background in curriculum, assessment, and staff development. Experience in improving literacy skills of elementary-level students. Ability to effectively supervise the instructional program of the school. Experience working with a diverse population of students. Illinois Qualified Teacher and Principal Evaluator.  
  8. Preferred – Five-plus (5+) years of successful school principal/administrative experience in a public school district setting. Five (5) years of successful elementary teaching or related experience in a public school setting. Proven record of educational leadership, including a strong background in curriculum, assessment, and staff development. Experience in improving literacy skills of elementary-level students. Ability to effectively supervise the instructional program of the school. Experience working with a diverse population of students.  Illinois Qualified Teacher and Principal Evaluator. Bilingual with fluency in both Spanish and English. 


  1. Leadership Qualities 
  2. Demonstrates strong instructional leadership and supports proven research-based instructional practices and curricula 
  3. Demonstrates the capacity to motivate and lead others toward change in alignment with the strategic plan of Woodland School District 
  4. Demonstrates support and contribution to the diversity and excellence of our student and academic programs through service to our students, parents, and the community we serve. 
  5. Demonstrates experience in working with a diverse student population (ethnicity, religion, economic disadvantage, etc.) 
  6. Practices collaborative, participatory, and child-centered decision-making.
  7. Uses systems data to lead the improvement of the school to positively impact students and staff g. Highly visible, accessible, and approachable, and represents the school with passion, dignity, and pride to the school community
  8. Displays strong and effective communication skills with staff, students, and parents
  9. Ability to lead a professional school community with high expectations for its students and schools j. In-depth knowledge of elementary curriculum, instruction, and assessment
  10. Demonstrates an understanding of change process and human dynamics
  11. Respects a variety of diverse teaching styles, and has high expectations for student achievement m. Recruits develop, motivates, and maintains the highest quality school staff
  12. Administers the instructional, financial, personnel, and material resources of the school in accordance with the philosophy and policies of the Board of Education
  13. Assumes responsibility for the attendance, conduct, health, and safety of students
  14. Supervises and evaluates personnel in accordance with the staff evaluation plan and district policies.   


Technical: Competent in digital environments including but not limited to; Google Apps for Education, databases, spreadsheets, Microsoft Office, district email system, the district’s attendance system, etc. 

Interpersonal: Ability to develop and maintain positive relationships with students, staff, parents, businesses, and the community. Strong organization, communication, and interpersonal skills. Comprehensive strategic thinking and rapid problem-solving skills to effectively handle crises that arise. Ability to cope with deadline pressures. Creative problem solver. Ability to facilitate meetings efficiently. Empathetic, humanistic, and open-minded. Strong sense of teamwork. Strategic thinker. Must be able to make difficult decisions that impact the organization in a positive sense. Must be able to work harmoniously with the community, students, parents, staff, and administration, etc. Must be able to communicate effectively with students, parents, and staff. Must exhibit sound judgment in dealing with people. Must have strong organizational skills. 


  1. Support the establishment of mutual respect and equal human dignity across the entire school community. 2. Welcomes inclusion, equity, and diversity. 
  2. Have an unwavering commitment to the success of all students. 
  3. Understanding that your identity may be different than students, parents, and staff. You are willing to put those differences aside for the success of all students. 
  4. Regardless of the identities of students, staff, or parents, works collaboratively to build a successful relationship with them. 
  5. Willingly anticipate, identify and adopt change. 
  6. Engage in all job-related interactions and activities, with contacts from within and outside the District, in a courteous and professional manner. 
  7. Communicate with styles that are approachable and respectful. 
  8. Participate in professional development and training to become more effective and efficient. 10. Take the initiative to manage multiple tasks. 
  9. Effectively organize work to be as productive as possible. 


Manual Dexterity: Work requires definite skilled and accurate physical operations requiring some close coordination performance. 

Physical Effort: Work requires handling average weight materials or equipment, but not for sustained periods.

Working Conditions: Some exposure to definitely disagreeable elements may exist, i.e., temperature changes, use of steps/stairs, walking long distances throughout the building, etc. 

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Exempt full-time position. Twelve-month year (260 days).  

SALARY RANGE: Based on experience and education. 

HOW TO APPLY: Applicants should apply online at www.dist50.net and attach three letters of recommendation, resume, and transcript(s) to the online application. 

All applicants must be willing to interview in person and demonstrate skills through a situational analysis. Applicants will be contacted within three weeks if invited for an interview. Minority candidates are encouraged to apply. 

Further information regarding this position may be obtained by contacting:  


Dr. Robert Machak 

Associate Superintendent of Education 


rmachak@dist50.net or (847) 596-5630   

APPLICATION DEADLINE: Thursday, June 16, 2021 

Woodland School District 50 is an Equal Opportunity Employer with established policies prohibiting discrimination on the basis of race, color, creed, religion, national origin, sex, sexual orientation, age, ancestry, marital status, arrest record, military status, order of protection status, unfavorable military discharge, citizenship status provided the individual is authorized to work in the United States, use of lawful products while not at work, being a victim of domestic or sexual violence, genetic information, physical or mental handicap or disability, if otherwise able to perform the essential functions of the job with reasonable accommodation, pregnancy, childbirth, or related medical conditions, or other legally protected categories. The Associate Superintendent (847-596-5630) addresses questions regarding student discrimination, and the Director of Human Resources (847-596-5640) answers questions concerning employment discrimination.