JOB NUMBER P/E20-21.021 


Human Resources announces an opening for the position of Principal of Taylor Elementary  School. This is a twelve-month administrative and supervisory position, Grade P-17, with a  salary range of $101,655 to $153,106 (2020-2021 Salary Schedule – Salary will be revised to  reflect the 2021-22 salary adjustment as needed).  

Taylor Elementary School (pre-K through grade 5) is part of Arlington Public Schools (APS), a  system of approximately 28,000 students located directly across the Potomac River from  Washington, D.C. Students in the system come from 146 nations and speak over 107 languages.  

The school system is financially strong, with wonderful teachers and staff, and a high level of  community support, along with multiple programs to meet individual student needs.  

DISTINGUISHING FEATURES – TAYLOR ELEMENTARY SCHOOL Taylor School is a stimulating, inviting school that nurtures children. The staff values effective  teaching and strives to give students the skills to solve problems systematically and creatively in  cooperation with others. Taylor School is a STEAM school, which fosters a strong sense of  community through cooperative learning in science, technology, engineering, arts and  mathematics. Taylor has a reputation throughout Northern Virginia for its strong liberal arts  programs. 

With an enrollment of 682, students spend their days working in smaller grade-level learning  communities. Teachers quickly get to know individual students and a family feeling pervades. Taylor recognizes that parents are deeply interested in the progress of their children, and frequent  communication keeps parents informed and involved. Each year, Taylor parents volunteer  thousands of hours that contribute directly to the school’s success. See the school website, for more information. 


The principal is responsible for planning, organizing, coordinating and directing the instructional  program. The principal supervises a staff of more than 100 employees, including teachers, an  assistant principal, guidance counselors, librarians, instructional technology coordinator, office  personnel, Extended Day staff, custodians and para-professionals. Considerable emphasis is  given to systematic planning for instructional improvement and maintaining effective relations with the local community.  

Within the limits of prescribed programs and policies, the principal has wide latitude in the  exercise of independent judgment in conducting the daily operations of the school. The principal  is expected to work collaboratively with staff and community in preparing performance goals for  the work of the school, in developing strategies to achieve them, and in assessing the extent to  which the goals are being met. 


  • Provides instructional leadership that promotes positive student achievement. Challenges all students in a positive manner to achieve their highest potential. Supports and capitalizes on teachers’ strengths as they implement the instructional program. Interacts in a positive manner with students, staff and parents on a daily basis, and sets a  positive tone for the school. 
  • Values diversity among students and staff. 
  • Accepts the uniqueness of individuals that make up the community, allowing for diversity in learning styles and personal expression. 
  • Works collaboratively with students, staff and parents in the process of discipline, decision making, and addressing school issues. 
  • Helps facilitate communication among staff, students, parents, the school system and the  greater community. 
  • Establishes policies and procedures for the administration of the school and develops the  annual plan for school improvement. 
  • Participates in the selection of teaching staff, supervises classroom teaching techniques,  coordinates efforts of teaching staff, and arranges and conducts programs of staff  development. 
  • Evaluates the effectiveness of staff, the instructional program, and instructional  arrangements. 
  • Plans, assigns, and inspects the use of building space and equipment for teaching purposes. Authorizes the use of school facilities for civic activities related to the school program and  other rentals. 
  • Recommends changes in curriculum and changes in personnel, space, and equipment  requirements. 
  • Collaborates with central office staff to promote ongoing improvement in the curriculum and  the instructional program. 
  • Arranges meetings and conferences with parents, plans recreational activities related to the  elementary program, and addresses community groups on problems; authorizes the use of  school facilities for civic activities related to the school program. 
  • Participates in county school meetings and in local, state and national conferences on  education; keeps informed on current teaching methods and techniques. 
  • Maintains sound public relations by cooperating and consulting with officials of various  groups and organizations. 
  • Coordinates with the PTA, confers with parents, directs student activities related to the  school program, and addresses community groups on school problems. 
  • Approves the expenditure of school funds and funds allocated to the school from the School  Board budget.
  • Works collaboratively with the Community School Coordinator and community partners to  enhance the school’s instructional program and provide additional educational opportunities  for students and their families. 
  • Performs related work as required. 

MINIMUM EDUCATION, TRAINING AND EXPERIENCE REQUIREMENTS Completion of a master’s degree in school administration. 

  • Extensive or progressively more responsible experience in elementary school teaching and as  an elementary school principal or assistant principal or any equivalent combination of  training and experience.  
  • Possession of or eligible for the Postgraduate Professional License issued by the Virginia  State Board of Education indicating endorsement for elementary principal, or eligible for the  same. 
  • Experience working with students, families and staff from various cultural and linguistic  backgrounds. 


  • Bilingual skills preferred. 
  • Knowledge of supervisory teaching principles, practices and methods related to the  elementary curriculum. 
  • Demonstrated ability to plan, organize, coordinate, and direct varied and extensive major  instructional programs that set high standards for all students. 
  • Knowledge of duties and responsibilities for special education and ESOL/HILT programs,  including regulations governing implementation of high quality integrated programs. Functional knowledge of instructional technology. 
  • Ability to be responsive to internal and external events and to serve as a role model with an  open door policy. 
  • Ability to plan, organize, and coordinate teaching programs and to take appropriate measures  to assure their successful operation. 
  • Ability to organize and conduct effective training programs and to take appropriate measures  to assure their successful operation. 
  • Ability to speak and to write effectively. 
  • Understands the importance of high visibility and a strong presence in the school. Ability to develop a positive, strong relationship with the community. Ability to identify and to utilize outside resources. 
  • Ability to identify and to retain good teachers who work in the best interest of all students. Knowledge of the needs of the school community and ways to be accessible to parents, staff, and students. 
  • Ability to establish and maintain effective relationships with associates, subordinates,  parents, and children. 
  • Ability to maintain necessary classroom discipline and to implement various disciplinary  approaches which demonstrate respect for students and staff. 
  • Ability to support and to build on the present Taylor programs and develop a vision of where  Taylor should be five to ten years from now. 
  • Ability to be open to innovative ideas while being sensitive to the demands of teaching. Ability to recognize teachers as professionals and to implement a leadership style based on  consultation, collegiality, flexibility, and participatory management.  
  • Ability to organize and to conduct effective programs with staff and to maintain high morale in the school.


Candidates must submit an application online and attach a resume, a written statement of interest  in and qualifications for this position. Please complete the online Administrative/Technical  application on the APS website in the Employment section: A minimum of three  letters of recommendation must also be submitted online as part of your application packet. 

Candidates must also submit a written paper of no more than three pages on the topic: As  principal, how would you design and implement a transition plan in a new school community? 


All selected candidates will be interviewed by a screening committee composed of  representatives from the community, school faculty, student body and members of the  Superintendent’s staff. The screening committee will submit a report to the Superintendent who  will interview and forward a recommendation to the School Board for final selection. 



It is the policy of the Arlington School Board, as stated in the School Board Policy G-2.30,  that employment opportunities shall not be restricted, abridged or otherwise adversely  affected on the basis of race, national origin, creed, color, religion, gender, age, economic  status, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information, pregnancy status, veteran  status, gender identity or expression, and/or disability.