POSITION: Principal: Thompson Middle School  

Newport Public School District is committed to providing students opportunities and access to the world through quality education. Frank E. Thompson Middle School (TMS) is a grade 5-8 school with approximately 600 students, located in the historic seaport city of Newport, Rhode Island. Our richly diverse student population is 37% Hispanic, 33% white, 21% Black, 5% Native American and 4% Asian/Pacific  Islander. 73% of the student body is eligible for Free and Reduced Lunch, 15% participate in the English  Language Learners (ELL) program and 20% receive Special Education services. TMS offers its students enriching programs in the Arts, Music, and STEM, as well as opportunities to participate in team sports. 

The school department is seeking an innovative, dynamic and collaborative leader to serve as its next Principal.  The ideal candidate is one who demonstrates vision, strength, and compassion in their leadership supports students to reach their full potential, is committed to equity and inclusion, and values the concept of school as a place of a diverse community, collaborative partnership, and strong relationships. 


Applications accepted through School Spring ( Applicants are not to approach members of the Newport School Committee. Individual contact between applicants and School Committee members may constitute grounds for disqualifying an application. 


Climate and Culture 

The TMS Principal will lead the revitalization of school climate and culture to ensure an inclusive  

environment for a diverse student population; foster growth of student’s individual passions, goals, and skills; develop awareness and understanding of the cultures in our community; listen to, understand, and communicate information both orally and in writing with accuracy, clarity, sensitivity, and effectiveness to a variety of audiences; guide in the implementation of equitable, anti-racist policies and practices so that students and staff flourish in a safe and welcoming educational setting.  

Student Academic Success 

The TMS Principal will establish standards of teaching excellence to guide and support student learning;  use appropriate assessment and evaluation procedures to gauge instructional and curriculum effectiveness;  be familiar and remain current with developments in education theory including, but not limited to,  

teaching-learning styles, emerging technologies, school-based improvement, and middle school  

programming for at-risk students and students with disabilities, and multilingual students; tackle challenges of chronic absenteeism and achieving grade-level standards with empathy, passion, collaboration, and innovation.  

Administrative Duties 

The TMS Principal will follow site-based management practices to recruit, screen, hire, and train all  

professional and support staff; assign personnel as needed to ensure maximum benefit to them and students;  supervise and conduct annual evaluations of staff; initiate thoughtful programs that meet the in-service needs of all staff members; conduct meetings as needed or required; prepare, maintain, and strictly adhere to a school budget that serves the needs of students and staff; prepare or supervise the preparation of all reports, records, lists, and other required documentation; assume overall responsibility for student, staff,  and building safety. 

Community-Centered Leadership

The TMS Principal will serve as the primary representative of the school through direct or delegated coordination, attendance, and supervision of all school-sponsored activities; actively lead the School  Improvement Team; sit on the Steering Committee of the Newport Community School, liaising with NCS  staff to coordinate NCS services and the ultimate success of the NCS program; participate on other committees, attend meetings, and perform all other duties as directed by the Superintendent of Schools or designee. 

REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools or Designee. 


  1.  Hold or be eligible for a Rhode Island Department of Education certification as an  Elementary/Middle or Middle/Secondary principal. 
  2. A Master’s Degree or its equivalent as determined by the Rhode Island Department of  Education.
  3. At least seven (7) years of successful experience as an elementary/secondary school teacher and/or administrator
  4. Demonstrated ability to work as part of an administrative team, as evidenced by strong leadership abilities, problem-solving skills, excellent verbal and written communication practices, and logistical and operational experiences to provide for an effective and efficient school on a day-to-day basis.
  5. Demonstrated knowledge of, and an ability to use technology as it relates to the job responsibilities and duties-especially in the areas of communication, professional development, and curriculum implementation.
  6. Demonstrated ability to perform the responsibilities below as evidenced by course-work, educational experience, school-level involvement, and/or system-wide professional activities, and the interview process.
  7. Bilingual in English/Spanish is a plus.
  8. Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the committee may find appropriate and acceptable.

TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: Twelve-month position. Starting salary: $110,000 based upon qualifications and experience; benefits as established for all administrative positions. 

EVALUATION: In accordance with School Committee policy on Evaluation of Professional  Personnel. 


Applications accepted through School Spring ( Applicants are not to approach members of the Newport School Committee. Individual contact between applicants and School Committee members may constitute grounds for disqualifying an application. 

Providing Students Opportunities and Access to the World Through Quality Education 


The Newport School Department does not discriminate on the basis of race, age, sex, religion, sexual orientation, gender identity or expression, national origin, color, disability, or veteran status.