Durham Public Schools
Lakewood Montessori Middle School
REPORTS TO: Superintendent, Principal Supervisor
SALARY: Based on State and Local Salary Schedules
STATUS: Permanent, 12 months, Certified, Licensed, Exempt

SUMMARY: The principal will serve as the chief administrator of the school in developing and implementing policies, programs, curriculum activities, marketing activities, and budgets in a manner that promotes the educational development of each student, the professional development of each staff member.  The principal supervises all school personnel, directly and/or indirectly. He/she will meet with parents, support teachers and students, allocate financial resources, manage discipline, and participate in supervision of extracurricular activities. The principal will supervise and facilitate the daily operations of the school.


  • General Planning: conceptualizes the broad goals of the school and plans accordingly to ensure that procedures and schedules are implemented to carry out the total school program. 
  • General Coordination: ensures that the school program is compatible with the legal, financial and organizational structure of the school system. The principal defines the responsibilities and accountability of staff members and develops plans for interpreting the school program to the community. 
  • Enhancement of Personnel Skills: provides activities which facilitate the professional growth of the school staff and enhance the quality of the instructional program. 
  • School Objectives: identifies the annual objectives for the instructional, extracurricular, and athletic programs of the school. 
  • Curriculum Objectives: ensures that instructional objectives for a given subject and/or classroom are developed, and involves the faculty and others in the development of specific curricular objectives to meet the needs of the school’s instructional program as well as the magnet program. The principal provides opportunities for staff participation in the school program. 
  • Establishes Formal Work Relationships: evaluates student progress in the instructional program by means that include the maintaining of up-to-date student data. The principal supervises and appraises the performance of the school staff. 
  • Facilitates Organizational Efficiency: maintains inter-school system communication and seeks assistance from central office staff to improve performance. The principal maintains good relationships with students, staff, and parents. The principal complies with established lines of authority. 
  • New Staff and Students: orients and assists new staff and new students and provides opportunities for their input in the school program. The principal hires staff according to the needs of the core instructional program.
  • Community: encourages the use of community resources, cooperates with the community in the use of school facilities, interprets and promotes the school’s programs for the community, and maintains communication with community members. 
  • Supplies and Equipment: manages, directs, and maintains records on the materials, supplies and equipment which are necessary to carry out the daily school routine. The principal aligns all expenditures of the funds with the goals schools program.  The principal involves the staff in determining priorities for instructional purposes. 
  • Services: organizes, oversee, and provides support to the various services, supplies, material, and equipment provided to carry out the school program. The principal makes use of community resources. 

Masters’ Degree or higher in education administration or leadership. Previous experience as a classroom teacher.   Must hold a NC Administrator license or have ability to obtain NC Administrator license.


  1. Ability and willingness to market and recruit.
  2. Ability to serve as the strong instructional leader and lead the school in fully implementing the Common Core Standards.
  3. Adept at forging positive relationships between parents, the community and business partners.
  4. Strong interpersonal and communication skills.
  5. Strong critical reading and writing skills to analyze reports, dis-aggregate data and write reports and memorandums.
  6. Ability to analyze data to identify school strengths and challenges and plan accordingly.
  7. Ability to engage and motivate leaders; able to make decisions and manage time well.
  8. Skilled in evaluating and improving teachers’ performance; strong ability to coach staff for growth and continuous improvement.
  9. Ability to manage and monitor to ensure sound fiscal and budgetary practices.
  10. Ability to perform at a high level, as a team player, in a team environment.
  11. Ability to relate well to diverse groups of people.
  12. Ability to remain calm and professional in environment with shifting proprieties.

Must be able to exert a negligible amount of force to move objects; classification consistent
with Light Work.  
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The following statements of the job description are intended to describe the general nature and level of work performed by an employee in this category.  The description does not contain an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, skills and other requirements necessary of employees to perform in this position.