Interim Chief Schools Officer

Mundo Verde aims to foster high levels of academic achievement among a diverse group of students by preparing them to be successful and compassionate global stewards. 

We are a bilingual public charter school with an approach to student development that centers on equity and inclusion, environmental sustainability, preparation for global citizenship, and project-based learning. To achieve our mission we seek an interim educational leader who is passionate, equity-minded, learning-oriented, strategic, and collaborative to serve our students. 

The core purpose of the Chief Schools Officer is to hold the vision for Mundo Verde’s instructional model, which is centered on eliminating disparities in academic performance and realizing Mundo Verde’s mission for all students. The CEO and CSO will share external-facing duties, especially with LEA-related entities. 

The responsibilities central to the Chief Schools Officer are primarily the following: 

Vision and Strategy

o Establishes the instructional strategy, which includes the management and decision-making related to instructional resources i.e., the platform used, curriculum, budget, management, and assessment of those platforms 

o Oversees Mundo Verde’s approach to data. In particular, the Chief Schools Officer will: 

  • Ensure data is relevant and accessible 
  • Monitor data and support the team as they use data to inform practice, and ensure continuous improvement 

o Supports Mundo Verde’s work to deepen and expand its impact by: 

  • Developing new initiatives to strengthen the network of schools 
  • Implementing school strategy for recruitment of a diverse student body 

Coaching, Leadership, and Management:

o Manages and supports the development of school leaders and a broader team focused on supporting schools to execute on the instructional vision and strategy 

  • The team the Chief Schools Officer leads works in instruction, curriculum, assessment, school culture, student character development 
  • The Chiefs Schools Officer sets priorities and goals for the school leadership team (DSS, Principals, Extended day) as part of the organization’s strategic plan, and monitors progress against them 

o This leader will foster a culture of relentless self-improvement and adaptive leadership across all schools. 

o Manages and oversees professional development for all instructional staff, working in close collaboration with the CETO and COSO 

Builds and Maintains Relationships with Constituents:
o Serves as primary liaison to key external constituencies, including the Public Charter School Board, OSSE, and EL Education
o Builds relationships within the Mundo Verde community that serve as a foundation for authentic feedback that supports ongoing improvements 

o Attends board meetings to address academic progress and/or strategy 

The success of the Chief Schools Officer will be assessed by: 

  • Academic performance 
  • Instructional staff satisfaction 
  • School culture 
  • Student recruitment and retention 

The capabilities, experiences, and mindsets essential to this role are the following: 

  • Experience leading others to drive student achievement 
  • Strives to live out a commitment to equity and has experience embedding beliefs about equity into organizational priorities and policies 
  • A track record of working with and through others to achieve goals by fostering trust, facilitating collaboration, and seeking partnership with internal and external leaders 
  • An orientation to developing others through effective feedback, mentorship, advising, coaching, and supporting team members to translate high expectations into developmental goals 
  • Experience translating strategy into actionable plans and effectively allocating resources to execute a vision and strategy 
  • A track record of effective change leadership 
  • Able to act decisively this person needs to consider the implications of various courses of action, make timely decisions, and ensure the execution 
  • A track record of delivering compelling messages to a range of audiences, and adapting communication to influence others 

Salary:  Competitive

Bilingual Highly Desirable:  Spanish and English

Start Date:  On or around October 1, 2021

Eligibility for permanent CSO position


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