Salt Lake City School District Associate Superintendent

Position Summary:

This position is responsible for leadership and advancing the District’s mission of providing quality education and lifelong learning through comprehensive coaching, leadership, and oversight for the district departments of Educational Equity and Student Success, the Salt Lake Education Foundation (SLEF), and Communications and Community Relations. This position supervises at least three direct-report district office administrators and various support staff.

Under the direction of the Superintendent, the associate superintendent is to develop capacity, leadership, equity, and engagement of district constituents through supporting a learning community and empowering proactive responses. The associate superintendent will be a model of positive leadership to create continuous improvement toward equity, inclusion, excellence, and achievement for all students and stakeholders by supporting and advancing the work of the Superintendent.  

The assistant superintendent is a member of the Cabinet and will assist the Superintendent in district operations, such as: 

  • advance the vision and mission of the district by implementing Board policy/administrative procedure
  • develop processes to foster stability, consistency, and provide leadership, evaluation, coaching, supervision, and growth-evoking feedback to all assigned departments
  • assist with the selection and supervision of district administrative employees
  • collaborate with district employees to improve experiences in education and district interactions for all stakeholders
  • create and implement policies/procedures/processes to improve district-wide operations
  • develop and deploy job-embedded professional learning activities for assigned departmental and district staff
  • facilitate community/information meetings; communicate with all constituencies in a professional, persuasive manner.

This position reports directly to the Superintendent.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Master’s degree in education, education leadership, communication/community engagement, Student Services, Special Education, educational equity, or a closely related field. 
  2. State of Utah School Leadership License or an out-of-state license that is transferrable to Utah.
  3. At least five years of principal experience in a public elementary, middle/junior, or senior high school.
  4. At least three years in a district office-level supervisory role in the areas of communications, community engagement, Student Services, Special Education, educational equity, and/or grants/non-profits.
  5. Professional communication skills including excellent written and verbal communication skills. Confident, articulate, and professional speaking abilities; empathic listening and persuasive speaking skills.
  6. A valid driver’s license that allows the applicant/employee to legally operate a motor vehicle in Utah. 

Preferred Qualifications:

  1. Doctorate in education, community engagement, communications, or related field. 
  2. At least three years of experience as a high school principal.
  3. At least two years of experience in a high-level district leadership position. 
  4. Experience coordinating and successfully executing school district or community-wide improvement/achievement plans.
  5. Demonstrated knowledge of current and emerging trends related: to community engagement, student services, special education, educational equity, grant, and fundraising activities.
  6. Demonstrated knowledge of current and emerging trends in determining educational needs, developing specialized programs, supervision/evaluation of implemented programs.
  7. Knowledgeable about public school law, especially in relation to students.
  8. Experience managing District, State, and Federal programs for compliance.
  9. Strong understanding of elementary, middle, and high school operations.
  10. Demonstrated strength in political and diplomatic sensitivity.
  11. Excellent organizational and planning skills.
  12. Demonstrated history of initiative and resourcefulness.
  13. Experience facilitating professional learning communities with school-based instructional leaders and creating collaborative, supportive, and mentoring environments.
  14. Ability to develop positive working relationships with learning community stakeholders.

Essential Duties and Responsibilities:

(The list of Essential Duties and Responsibilities is not exhaustive and may be supplemented.)

  1. Provide direct supervision, evaluation, organization, and oversee the operations of assigned departments.
  2. Provide leadership and establishes goals, and strategies for improvement of student services, facilities, communication and community involvement, and fundraising activities to achieve equity and access for students and families.
  3. Provide direction in research and implementation of best practices throughout the Salt Lake City School District.
  4. Interpret and apply federal, state, and local laws and statutes and District policies and procedures.
  5. Represent Salt Lake City School District at all required internal and external functions, meetings, and conferences.
  6. Develop and implement professional development as needed.
  7. Respond appropriately and timely to concerns of school leadership, directors, staff, and learning community members.
  8. Incorporate culturally competent strategies and utilize culturally responsive communication/engagement strategies with all learning community members.
  9. Communicate effectively and maintain good working relationships with people from diverse backgrounds- ability, culture, ethnic, and socioeconomic backgrounds.
  10. Analyze and interpret data to direct the implementation of achievement strategies to improve district operations.
  11. Manage budgets according to the district mission, following district budget, procurement, and accounting policies and procedures with integrity and ethics.
  12. Lead and direct development, deployment, and supervision of all assigned departmental personnel.
  13. Operate with complete integrity, trust, and respect in dealings with all constituencies; ethical, courteous, and professional conduct throughout employment activities; ability to develop and maintain the confidence and trust of senior leadership at the district.
  14. Maintain regular and predictable attendance to fulfill job requirements efficiently and effectively. Will be required to attend activities, events, and meetings outside of normal work hours regularly.
  15. Competency in critical thinking, decision-making, and resolving complex issues or crises in a reasonable manner.
  16. Perform other duties related to the position, as assigned.