Director of Health, Physical Education and Athletics
Ossining Union Free School District

The Ossining Union Free School District is seeking a dynamic, innovative, and forward-thinking educator to serve as the next Director of Health, Physical Education, and Athletics.

Candidates should have a proven track record of successful leadership, collaboration, and inspiring others. This individual must possess high standards of excellence and a student-centered vision for what it takes to nurture lifetime fitness, health & wellness, and the many soft skills and mental discipline that can be cultivated through participation in athletics.

This individual will need to build upon existing community partnerships, centered on a rich history and tradition of community pride while simultaneously promoting sportsmanship, school spirit, and the scholar athlete. The candidate must personally value and have a foundational understanding of the principles of diversity, equity, and inclusion, whereby all learners can achieve greater personal excellence when complemented by varied lived experiences, perspectives and mindsets.

Candidates must be highly organized and communicative, with excellent long term planning skills, experience leading adult learning, curriculum development, supervision and evaluation.

The candidate will be able to work effectively with a wide range of varied stakeholders to create and protect the best opportunities for students. Candidates would be expected to solidly partner with a strong and talented leadership team that is committed to lifelong learning, continuous improvement, and personal growth.

School District Administrator Certification Required

Health, Physical Education Certification Optional

If interested, please apply using the following link: