USD 443 Director of ESL and Diversity 
Job Description

Purpose: The Director of ESL and Diversity provides leadership to coordinate and supervise the effective delivery of ESL/migrant and bilingual services offered in the district.  The Director must work closely with the community, staff, and administration of USD 443.

Responsible to: The Deputy Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction

Terms of Employment:

  • Twelve month contract with school and other recognized district holidays.
  • Twenty days of vacation.
  • Ten sick leave days accumulative to one hundred.
  • Two personal leave days accumulative with sick leave days to one hundred
  • Annual salary and fringe benefit as determined by the Board of Education.
  • Professional dues allowance up to $350.
  • Evaluation in accordance with district evaluation procedures.


  • Master’s degree from an accredited college or university with administrator certification appropriate to program responsibilities.
  • Administrative experience minimum 3 years
  • Current Kansas Certification or Licensure required with an ESL endorsement preferred.
  • Knowledge of curriculum development and deployment
  • Ability to demonstrate sensitivity, tolerance, and understanding toward people of various cultures and languages.
  • Strong organizational and management skills; management experience preferred.
  • Proven experience with budgets and grants.
  • Kansas Certification of Health on file (after employment offer is made).
  • Bilingual in English and Spanish preferred.
  • Strong collaboration skills with proven results
  • Such alternatives to the above as acceptable to the Board of Education.
  • Proven experience with building positive engagement with parents and community

Essential Functions:

  • Provide professional leadership in organizing, administering, supervising, and evaluating the effective delivery of ESL/migrant and/or bilingual services.
  • Establish an optimum learning environment within the ESL/migrant education program.
  • Ensure that all ESL/migrant programs and activities conform to federal, state, and district guidelines.
  • Communicate effectively with district staff, community agency representatives, and members of state and federal agencies having an impact on program administration.
  • Support the value of an education as well as the philosophy and mission of the ESL/migrant program.
  • Ensure that program policies and procedures are in compliance with federal and state guidelines.
  • Provide for staff development training in response to staff and student needs.
  • Collaborate with various program directors and supervisors in the coordination and integration of appropriate program services and in the elimination of duplicated services.
  • Stay current with literature and research related to program responsibilities and share information with other staff and team members.

Physical Requirements/Environmental Conditions:

  • Must be able to work in office, classroom settings and remotely
  • Must be able to travel among district buildings.
  • Must lift materials and equipment up to 50 pounds on occasion.

General Responsibilities:

  • Direct and administer the district ESL/migrant and bilingual programs
  • Supervise and evaluate ELL/Migrant Staff
  • Prepare and administer all aspects of the program budgets including the equitable and/or adequate allocation of bilingual and/or other appropriate funds to building sites; provide for expenditure control on established budgets.
  • Maintain budget allocations for district reimbursement of tuition for classes leading to an ESL endorsement
  • Consult and plan with district administrators in the following areas:
    • Needs assessment and in-service planning and delivery 
    • Program development and evaluation
    • Budgeting
    • Staffing
    • Monitoring
  • Oversee and/or collaborate in the writing of appropriate grant applications for federal, state, or other special funds to meet district program needs.
  • Keep complete, up-to-date and accurate records as required by law, policy, and administrative regulation.
  • Prepare and/or monitor reports for all aspects of the district program which may include but not be limited to the following concerns:
    • Progress reports.
    • Language Surveys.
    • Language proficiency assessments.
    • Staffing and recruitment efforts.
    • Program evaluation and revision.
    • Budgeting.
    • Grant application and administration.
  • Present reports to the Board of Education, state and federal agencies, the administrative council, etc.
  • Be actively involved with recruiting, interviewing, and recommending staff for the ESL/migrant and bilingual programs.
  • Plan and oversee appropriate inservice activities for both the certified and classified staff members of the ESL/migrant and bilingual programs.
  • Collaborate with district administrators and community agency representatives in researching, implementing, and evaluating both new and existing programs and services for the improvement of program effectiveness.
  • Collaborate with district teachers and administrators in the development and maintenance of program goals and outcomes.
  • Gather information that will be useful in determining how to meet the needs of students and parents relative to improving attendance and making the school experience more meaningful.
  • Present a positive image of the school district to parents and be able to convey a genuine concern for the education, growth, and development of each child.
  • Assist in developing ways of involving parents in the activities of the school and community.
  • Serve as chairperson for the district ESL/Migrant Committee and/or Family Engagement Committee  
  • Supervise the administration of all program assessments and conduct analysis of test results for all schools and areas of testing.
  • Provide for the effective evaluation of both certified and classified staff and monitor the completion of evaluation schedules in accordance with state law and district policy.
  • Provide leadership in establishing new programs and developing improved understanding of existing programs.
  • Evaluate existing programs as an ongoing responsibility and recommend changes and additions as needed.
  • Establish procedures for placement, evaluation assignment, and reappraisal of students with regard to needed language services.
  • Assume responsibility for personal professional growth and development; be knowledgeable of current literature, research, and techniques; and attend appropriate professional meetings and conventions.
  • Approve all department staff requests for attendance at professional meetings and conferences.
  • Conduct and/or provide for staff in-service training on topics essential to the development of positive skills and attitudes concerning multicultural, at-risk, and/or language minority issues; provide for essential follow-up with staff.
  • Maintain a current list of ESL endorsed teachers and of teachers on an approved endorsement plan.
  • Work to gain the attention and support of minority groups in the community for the goals and outcomes of the district; encourage minority group attendance at Board of Education meetings.
  • Adhere to all district policies including the health and safety precautions in the Blood borne Pathogens Exposure Control Plan and the Hazard Communication Plan.
  • Maintain required paperwork for the district grant and other state department regulations.
  • Work with program supervisors and administrators on calculating and projecting bilingual funding for site-base decision making processes.
  • Perform all other responsibilities as directed by an administrative supervisor or the Board of Education.

Evaluation: Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on Evaluation of Professional Personnel.

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