Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion
AFFILIATION: TBD based on qualifications
SALARY LEVEL: TBD based on qualifications – Range $129,845 to $155,390/YR

The Director of Equity, Diversity, and Inclusion is a leader within a collaborative team who provides instructional leadership, oversees and supports administrative and staff professional development, and facilitates committees and group work in order to support the EDI strategic objectives. The director is responsible for supporting our vision of diversity, equity, and inclusion for Bellingham Public Schools both at the programmatic and administrative levels. The director works to support collective efforts to interrupt factors that perpetuate systemic inequities and/or practices that contribute to over and under representation of any student group compared to peers. The director helps lead our efforts to confront the institutional bias that results in predictability of student success or lack thereof, including but not limited to race and ethnicity, gender identity and sexual orientation, socioeconomic status, ability, language and culture. This position works closely with the teaching and learning and human resources departments to support efforts to recruit and develop a diverse work force.

1. Provide leadership in the development and achievement of the supports necessary for achieving the Bellingham Promise and the district’s equity policy.
• Collaborate with other leaders to provide supports for student and families that include areas such as student services, health services, family engagement programs, behavior and social services, restorative practice, positive behavior intervention, student re-engagement, college and career readiness, graduation assurances and other related learning and family support programs.
• Lead for equity and social justice relentlessly and systemically.
• Oversee the development, implementation, and evaluation of the Equity Strategic objective within the Bellingham Promise.
2. Design and coordinate administrative and staff professional learning in the area of equity and social justice.
• Assist educators in creating culturally responsive learning environments that ensure high expectations for the academic and social supports of all students.
• Work with school administrators on equity-related issues for effective administration of all aspects of school programs.
• Lead the partnership with key providers/partners (third-party providers, community-based organizations, etc.) with a focus on equity, social justice, and culturally responsive actions in alignment with the strategic plan.
3. Build a district culture that promotes the ongoing improvement of teaching and learning for students and staff throughout the district.
• Articulate and model a shared vision for continuous improvement and lifelong learning.
• Develop and model an atmosphere of personal responsibility, trust, and collaboration among students, staff and community.
• Apply effective group processing skills.
• Support the development and capacity of our leaders, teachers, and staff to integrate EDI practices into their work.
• Assist staff in improving instructional practice using a variety of approaches.
• Clearly communicate effective instructional and assessment practices for staff.
• Support efforts to recruit and develop a diverse work force.
• Develop collaboration and peer mentoring among staff.
4. Oversee key aspects of The Bellingham Promise.
5. Manage staff and fiscal resources to support EDI efforts and legal responsibilities.
• Gather, analyze, and use data to create, evaluate, and manage a budget.
• Involve staff in developing budget plans.
• Possess and continue to maintain current knowledge of laws related to state and federal special programs.
• Effectively address difficult issues.
• Focus financial, human, and time resources in an efficient manner.
6. Partner with the schools and the larger community to promote supports for student learning, family engagement, and staff development.

• BA required in education or related field.
• Master’s degree in Educational Administration, Human development sciences or related fields preferred.
• Valid Washington State Administrative Certification preferred.
• Proficiency in speaking and writing in a second language other than English preferred.
• Excellent interpersonal skills.
• Demonstrated ability to provide professional development and coaching to teachers and administrators.
• Demonstrated knowledge of racial and social justice initiatives to support continuous improvement in the education sector.
• Demonstrated ability to successfully arrive at consensus with large groups comprised of parents, teachers, support staff, and administrators.
• Demonstrated ability to effectively allocate and manage resources to support strategic priorities and initiatives.
• Demonstrated ability to help district and school teams integrate and synthesize student achievement data from a variety of sources in order to identify strength and areas for improvement.
• Demonstrated understanding of issues related to culturally responsive practices for all administrators and staff.
• Model for staff, families, and students their own ongoing EDI learning.
• Demonstrated ability to synthesize, evaluate, and present large quantities of information and data.
• Willingness to respond to emergency situations outside of normal working hours.
• Successful involvement working with teachers and administrators to review instructional materials and support the implementation of new materials adoptions.
• Ability to manage large state and federal grant programs, staying focused on teaching and learning, with attention to regulations and budget management.
• Ability to support the implementation of inclusive practices and support a vision to increase inclusive practices across our schools.
• Demonstrated ability to communicate clearly and effectively in both written and verbal form.
• Ability to process information to make sound judgments and decisions.
• Ability to establish and maintain effective working relationships with a variety of staff and stakeholders.
• Such alternatives to the above qualifications as the Superintendent may deem appropriate and acceptable.

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