POSITION GROUP: Administration 

POSITION TITLE: Director of English Language Learners 

DEPARTMENT: English Language Learners 

REPORTS TO: Assistant Superintendent of Teaching and Learning   

SUPERVISES: ELL Initiatives Coordinators, Family Welcome Center Coordinator, ELL Data and Compliance Coordinator, ELL Grant Specialist, ELL  

Secretaries, and ELL/Dual Language Instructional Coaches 


Provide leadership and supervise the direction, effective planning, implementation and evaluation, of ELL Programs within the second-largest district and bilingual program in the state. Collaboratewith C&I, ELL principals, staff, parents, and district committees as they align with and support teaching and learning in School District U-46. 


  1. Collaborate with district and building leadership to develop understanding of  effective ELL programming and instructional practices and assessments for  emergent bilingual/multilingual learners. 
  2. Implement and coordinate district-wide procedures to identify, assess and place  Non- English Background (NEB) students at all grade levels according to federal  and ISBE guidelines. 
  3. Communicate with district administrators and staff to ensure students eligible for ELL  program services (emergent bilinguals) receive standards-based instruction related  to both academic achievement and language development.  
  4. Supervise and evaluate the ELL Program, including the Family Welcome Center  Coordinator and operations and the ELL Initiatives Coordinators and ELL  Instructional Coaches. 
  5. Develop, implement, and monitor the program budget to ensure compliance with  established federal and ISBE fiscal parameters, including but not limited to, establishing  funding allocations to schools for Emergent Bilingual students, overseeing Title III LIEP  (Language Instruction Educational Program)/IEP (Immigrant Education Program) grant  applications, quarterly grant periodic reports related to Title III LIEPS grant funding, the EL  Bilingual Service Plan, and the Consolidated District Plan by ISBE related to  activities/services/goals for Emergent Bilinguals.  
  6. Plan and implement the process of formal and informal staff appraisals in order to  assist ELL staff in reaching their professional goals and increase the quality and  rigor of language and content instruction. 
  7. Analyze student achievement data to develop instructional and assessment systems that will enhance student learning and outcomes in collaboration with other Teaching and Learning Departments. 
  8. Coordinate and support differentiated professional development to address the  goals of the DL, TBE and TPI Instructional Programs PreK-12 through a  comprehensive ELL Professional Development Plan. 

10/31/19 HR-STF-F009 Page 1 of 3 Retention: Indefinitely 

  1. Collaborate with curriculum and instruction to continue the development and  implementation of standards-based curriculum that is in alignment with the language  development standards, i.e., WIDA’s English Language Development Standards and  Spanish Language Development Standards. 
  2. Uphold continuous improvement strategies to provide systems of support for principals and other school-level staff serving emergent bilingual students.  11. Support the alignment of ELL Programs to meet the goals, aspirations and priorities of the District Strategic Plan and BOE policies related to Emergent Bilinguals (e.g., dual language implementation PreK-12). 
  3. Support Human Resources policies and procedures to govern the staffing patterns andorganizational structure of the ELL program from PreK-12, which includes implementing policies and procedures (projections) to monitor/manage and recommend staffing allocations across all ELL programs, including the Dual  Language Program at the elementary and secondary levels. 
  4. Coordinate effective collaboration and data retrieval across the Special Education  and Gifted Departments for staffing projections at the secondary level in relation to  the Dual Language program. 
  5. Actively support the recruitment of ELL staff that meets ISBE licensure requirements,  including but not limited to, the International Visiting Teachers (IVT) Exchange  Program from Spain and other out-of-state/country recruitment efforts.  
  6. Develop, align, and revise ELL curriculum as needed, to support the implementation  of the Dual Language Program and/or ELL program in general. 
  7. Lead a systematic process to ensure that the district is compliant with Illinois School  Code ILSC 14C 1-13 Legislation, in collaboration with building principals and staff. 17. Gather information for local, state, and federal reports as needed, including creating  presentations for local, state and national conferences. 
  8. Communicate regularly with various internal and external stakeholders and parents,  to develop and maintain positive school/community relationships, including but not  limited to, coordinating dual language informational meetings and parental  engagement opportunities 
  9. Create partnerships for extended post-secondary educational opportunities for  students served by the ELL program (e.g., dual credit options with local  colleges/universities).  
  10. Locate, secure, and monitor external resources to provide an optimal educational program, including but not limited to, partnering with PD providers and/or  establishing university cohorts to build capacity within the department and across the  district.
  11. Develop and maintain office/departmental procedures to ensure highly efficient and  effective operations and service level.
  12. Other duties as assigned.


  1. At least three (3) years teaching experience. 
  2. At least five years administrative experience, strong leadership skills, experience  with culturally and linguistically responsive instruction. 
  3. Knowledge of curriculum design, administrative practices in relationship to second language acquisition, English as a Second Language and bilingual methodologies, including experience with culturally and linguistically responsive instruction. 
  4. Effective communication skills, well-organized, strong time-management skills,  problem solver, and reflective. 


  1. Appropriate License (Professional Educator License with General Administrator or Principal Endorsement).
  2. Bilingual and ESL Endorsement or evidence of completion of 18 semester  hours distributed among five areas related to the Bilingual/ESL endorsement  as established by ISBE section 228.35.  
  3. PERA module designations required (Teacher & Principal). 
  4. Bilingual – Spanish/English – written/verbal (Required). 


  1. While performing the duties of this position, the employee is regularly required to talk, hear,  stand, walk, sit, and reach with hands and arms  
  2. Frequently required to use hands and fingers to operate a computer and telephone  keyboards 
  3. Occasionally required to lift and/or move up to 25 pounds 
  4. Noise level in the work environment is usually low to moderate 5. Travel within the district, surrounding communities, and out of state/country required. 


This is a twelve (12) month position. Salary and benefits as established by the Board of  Education. 


Performance of this job will be evaluated in accordance with provisions of the Board’s policy on evaluation of support service personnel.