Job Description
JOB TITLE: Director of Budget and Finance
SALARY LEVEL: Administrative
DEPARTMENT: Business Services
LOCATION: District Office
REPORTS TO: Chief Financial Officer
SUMMARY: The Director of Budget and Finance is done for the purpose/s of under general direction, to oversee the Finance Department, including supervising staff, overseeing the budgetary process, developing the revenue and expenditure budget, preparing required reports and presentations, and staying current and ensuring compliance. In addition, incumbent/s assists the Chief Financial Officer in coordinating various District financial operations.
Bachelor’s degree in Business, Finance or related field
Three years of finance experience in a school system with increasing levels of responsibility
Must be 21 years of age
Such alternatives to the above required & preferred qualifications as the Superintendent/Designee may find appropriate and acceptable
1. Attends various District meetings and committees relating to the District’s Finance, compiles data for negotiations with employee groups for the purpose of conveying and/or gathering information required to perform functions.
2. Continues to stay current and provides direction in planning staff development programs for personnel in the Finance department to ensure compliance with policies, federal grant guidelines, laws, regulations, or modifications for the purpose of maintaining services and/or programs.
3. Develops and conducts training for parents, community, departments, grant coordinators and other employee groups on matters related to the District’s Finance procedures and federal and state guidelines for the purpose of meeting District goals.
4. Maintains the business and financial affairs of the District for the purpose of advising the Chief Financial Officer on all questions.
5. Manages and makes the necessary arrangements to hold bond and override elections for the purpose of providing support to essential functions.
6. Performs other duties as required and assigned by Chief Financial Officer for the purpose of enhancing productivity of personnel and achieving objectives within budget.
7. Plans, prepares and monitors annual District budgets in consultation with Chief Financial Officer for the purpose of preparing multi-year financial plans.
8. Prepares and ensures District’s Revenue and Expenditure Budgets, Comprehensive Annual Financial Report and other reports and requirements related to the District’s Finance are met at statutory deadlines. Performs monthly cash reconciliation with county treasurer to ensure proper cash flow for the purpose of essential function of position.
9. Provides direction and oversight for the budgetary process, keeps Chief Financial Officer informed on District’s finances to include preparing reports and presentations that are critical to the decision making process for the purpose of support and management.
10. Provides oversight needed for District audits and reports finding to Board and Administrators, and the Chief Financial Officer for the purpose of providing required fiscal guidance and support needed for compliance.
11. Supervises business financial operations, to include management of bond funds, trust operations, and District financial reporting. Ensures that all federal and state timelines are met in regard to financial reporting for the purpose of compliance.
12. Supervises the budget development and financial reporting for all Federal and state programs for the purpose of accurate reporting.
13. Supervises the Business office (e.g. including determining workloads, establishing work schedules, monitoring work performance, recommending new hires and terminations, conducting performance evaluations, performing training functions of support staff, maintaining personnel records and resolving staff conflicts) for the purpose of providing required fiscal guidance and support.
14. Perform such other duties and assumes such other responsibilities as may be assigned by the Superintendent/Designee.
EVALUATION: At least once annually in accordance with Governing Board Policy.
SKILLS are required to perform multiple, highly complex, technical tasks with a need to routinely upgrade sills in order to meet changing job conditions. Specific skills required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include: preparing and maintaining accurate records; operating standard office equipment, and utilizing pertinent software.
KNOWLEDGE is required to perform advance math; read technical information, compose a variety of documents, and/or facilitate group discussions; and analyze situations to define issues and draw conclusions. Specific knowledge required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job includes: pertinent codes, policies, regulations and/or laws; accounting procedures and school based budget.
ABILITY is required to schedule a significant number of activities, meetings, and/or events; routinely gather, collate, and/or classify data; and consider a number of factors when using equipment. Flexibility is required to independently work with others is a wide variety of circumstances; work with data utilizing defined but different processes; and operate equipment using defined methods. Ability is also required to work with a wide diversity of individuals; work with a variety of data; and utilize a variety of job-related equipment. In working with others, independent problem solving is required to analyze issues and create action plans. Problem solving with data requires analysis based on organizational objectives; and problem solving with equipment is moderate. Specific abilities required to satisfactorily perform the functions of the job include; being attentive to detail; communicating with diverse groups; meeting deadlines and schedules; and maintaining detailed records. Ability is required to maintain appropriate interpersonal relations with students and staff of the district.
Responsibilities include: working independently under broad organization guidelines to achieve unit objectives; managing a department; and directing the use of budgeted funds within a work unit. Utilization of significant resources from other work units is routinely required to perform the job’s functions. There is some opportunity to significantly impact the Organization’s services.
The usual and customary methods of performing the job’s functions require the following physical demands; some lifting, carrying, pushing, and/or pulling; some stooping, kneeling, crouching, and/or crawling; and fine finger dexterity. Generally the job requires 70% sitting, 15% walking, and 15% standing. This job is performed in a generally clean and healthy environment.
SUPERVISION: Chief Financial Officer
TO APPLY: Please visit