Middletown Public Schools

Position Type: Administration

Date Posted:  7/29/2021

Location: District

Closing Date:  08/06/2021


Location: District

Reports to: Chief of Academics/ Office of Teaching and Learning

Theory of Action for Middletown Public Schools: If Middletown believes that every student has the right quality, student-centered education, THEN adults will cultivate creative, accessible, and innovative structures and opportunities with students, AND every student will demonstrate personalized growth and achieve at high levels to thrive in life.

Broad Function: The Director of Assessment, Professional Development & Instruction (DAP) will provide leadership in identifying and implementing innovative practices in the area of instructional technology, assessment, data analytics,  and the integration of technology into instruction and learning. The Director helps coordinate the planning, development, implementation, and evaluation of district professional learning and districtwide assessment. The Director works collaboratively with the administrative and instructional staff and communicates effectively and timely with the state and colleagues in higher education and other districts/schools.  Reporting to and evaluated by the Chief Academic Officer, DAP will work closely with school principals to promote thought-provoking, intentional professional learning and development for educators to transform their instructional and professional practice aligned with the district strategic priorities in order to provide students with high-quality teaching and learning.

Supervisory:  MSAA position with existing supervisory responsibilities

Qualifications:   See Job Description for more details

  • Holds 092 Intermediate Administrator certification
  • 5 years of successful teaching classroom experience
  • Proven ability to lead others in the innovative uses of technology in a learning environment
  • Understands best practices for promoting digital literacy and digital citizenship concepts
  • Uses teacher performance outcomes to inform how technology can improve their practice
  • Extensive knowledge of research-based best practices in instructional design and student learning assessment for teaching and learning
  • Has a passion for diversity, equity, and inclusion
  • Has a deep awareness of best practices, emerging technologies, and new potentials in educational technology that may be adopted as new and emerging instructional media, technologies, pedagogies, and practices.Has the ability to retrieve, analyze, and interpret data to support the district’s strategic plan
  • Has an ability to direct and coach with demonstrated effective supervisory, interpersonal, and leadership skills
  • Can formulate and provide professional development programs designed to support faculty in the design, development, and delivery of curriculum and instruction
  • Has high collaborative skills to work with faculty throughout the district to provide pedagogical and technical consulting to design, develop, and implement instructional content, courses, and projects that enrich teaching and learning
  • Can develop and maintain online repositories of resources to provide information on current best practices, innovations, and emerging trends for staff and students (tutorials, interactive programs, websites) to promote sharing of resources
  • Has the demonstrated ability to Collect, analyze and present data in a meaningful way to the BOE and stakeholders
  • Transparently supports the implementation of district and state assessments

Application Process: Online; Closes Friday, August 6. Qualified candidates will be contacted directly.
Compensation and Benefits: This is an MSAA contract unit position. Grade 7; 220 Work Days.