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July 1, 2021


JOB NUMBER P/E21-22.003      


Human Resources announces an opening for the position of Director, Diversity Equity & Inclusion.  This is a twelve-month position, Grade P-16, on the administrative and supervisory salary scale with a salary range of $98,750 to $148,733 (2021- 2022 Salary Schedule.


The Director, Diversity Equity & Inclusion coordinates and directs district-wide initiatives and programs that promote instructional equity, create diverse and inclusive environments for employees and students to ensure equal opportunity for academic success across Arlington Public Schools. (APS). 

  • Provides leadership in developing, implementing, and evaluating the progress of diversity, equity, and inclusion initiatives throughout the school’s curriculum, instruction, and community. 
  • Serves as a liaison with other community and governmental organizations to develop partnerships that support strategic initiatives to correct disproportional challenges impacting students and staff.
  • Coordinates the delivery of professional development opportunities for district personnel as it relates to the utilization of equitable instructional practices, programs, techniques for assessing and increasing student achievement. 
  • Assists in developing multi-cultural strategies for instruction participates in the implementation of these strategies and assists administrators with evaluating the effectiveness of these initiatives to improve academic achievement and educational outcomes for historically marginalized student groups.

The Director will report to the Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer (CDEIO) and supervises the Diversity Equity & Inclusion (DEI) Coordinators (DEI Coordinators) assigned to schools.  

ILLUSTRATIVE EXAMPLES OF WORK (May does not include all duties performed – These are intended as an illustration of the various types of work performed. The omission of specific duties does not exclude them from the position if the work is similar, related, or a logical assignment to the position.) 

  • In response to staffing needs and directives of Chief Diversity, Equity & Inclusion Officer, the Director recommends hiring of, and other personnel actions concerning, Equity Coordinators and Specialists, support staff; and trains, assigns, reviews, and evaluates the work of the staff and volunteers. 
  • Works with and supports Equity Coordinators and Specialists assigned to schools who (a) monitor minoritized student academic progress, opportunity, and academic gap indicators – Advanced Placement (AP) enrollment, foreign language completion, college acceptance, grades at quarters and interims, Standards of Learning (SOL) test scores, enrollment in higher-level or AP math courses; (b) offer support for personal issues that may restrain learning/achievement, and assist with finding and applications for enrichment programs, and summer learning opportunities, etc.; (c) detect and respond to acculturation issues directly or through collaboration and referral, (d) identify, mentor and support underserved students in AP classes and regarding such issues as dropout/suspension rates, Gifted and Talented (GT) percentages, overrepresentation in special education, course failure and High Intensity Language Training (HILT) problems; and mentor underserved students on academic choices, interests, opportunities, etc. 
  • Directs and supports secondary Equity Coordinators who (a) coordinate career and college readiness activities and programs.  In collaboration with school-based and other non-school-based staff, participates in identification and selection of students for programs, activities, or services.
  • Organizes and attends conferences with students, families, and other APS staff as needed to help families advocate for themselves with other adults. Meets with administrators and counselors and teachers as needed regarding strategies for helping underserved students. Contacts families of students to partner and discuss strategies. Promotes family-community involvement through various means including the Family and Community Engagement (FACE) Office. 
  • Facilitates APS staff professional development opportunities to improve awareness of achievement gaps issues and the range of responses. Collaborates with neighboring school districts to plan, organize and conduct joint staff development initiatives. 
  • Supervises program goals with other offices and supports curriculum reframing and cultural proficiency. 
  • Schedules and coordinates activities based on strategic initiatives set by the Chief Diversity, Equity, and Excellence Officer (CDEIO).  Supports the CDEIO in planning and facilitating internal and external stakeholder meetings and focus groups. 
  • Assists in planning and implementation, including instruction, of experimental or specialized instructional programs for diverse populations. 
  • Helps lead the conceptualization, planning, and programming of new initiatives regarding educational equity and by reviewing statistics of, and identifying trends in, instructional needs and support needs of underserved students, identifying and assessing linkages between learning rates, dropout rates and need for instructional and support services, and performing related functions. 
  • Directs the design and implementation of programs and activities for families and students.
  • Directs school-based initiatives to close gaps and provides leadership on educational equity issues by attending meetings of the school’s leadership team to provide input and obtain feedback. Conducts data analyses of SOL test scores to monitor achievement gaps and provide school administrators with suggestions on ways to close gaps. Helps implement resulting plans, collect data and assess results. 
  • Serves on APS committees, such as Superintendent Advisory Councils, Department of Teaching & Learning Instruction Leadership Team, and other internal and external committees as assigned. 
  • Presents workshops and makes formal presentations to APS staff on various Diversity Equity & Inclusion training. Provides inspiration for why advancing educational equity is a top priority for Arlington Public Schools.
  • Plan year-long professional learning scope and sequence for Coordinators, teachers, administrators, including engaging school leaders in the planning, identifying, and organizing guest speakers, and organizing and facilitating large and small group conversations. 
  • Collaborates with APS administrators, teachers, guidance counselors, Bilingual Family Resource Assistants and other staff on specific cases. 
  • Develops, advocates manages, and monitors O-DEI budget. 
  • In collaboration with school-based and other non-school-based staff, participates in identification and selection of students for programs, activities or services.
  • Prepares reports of needs/responses, incidents, cases, trends, etc. 
  • Creates, trains, and implements equity frameworks, resources, and tools.  Tools may be used for policy development, planning and programming, and decision-making.
  • Stays abreast of developments in child development/growth, learning theory, equity, cultural awareness/diversity-inclusion, teaching techniques and instructional technology, special programs focused on equity as well as APS facility and instructional staff issues, all as pertinent to closing and eliminating disproportionality, opportunity, and equity gaps. 
  • Partners in a collaborative manner with School and Community Relations or Director of Strategic Outreach to co-design a DEI social media plan, generate press releases about DEI events, and develop PR and/or marketing materials that elevate our commitment to educational equity and inclusive environments.
  • Offers strategic guidance and counsel to the CDEIO regarding DEI communication practices.
  • Performs related work, as assigned or on own initiative. 


  • A Bachelor’s Degree (required), Master’s Degree (desired)in education, school administration, equity and inclusion, the arts/humanities, science, technology, mathematics, sociology, counseling, or another field pertinent to the diversity and inclusion mission of APS, supplemented by at least four years of progressively responsible experience that includes three years of successful, full-time experience in a public school or accredited nonpublic school in an instructional personnel position that requires licensure in Virginia; or, 
  • Demonstrated experience planning, implementing, and coordinating in Diversity, Equity and/or Inclusion with increasing levels of responsibility.
  • An equivalent combination of education, experience, and training. 
  • Experience working with students and families of diverse backgrounds is desirable. 


  • (Preferred) A Postgraduate Professional License, a Pupil Personnel Services License, or a Collegiate Professional License issued by the Virginia State Board of Education, or eligibility for Virginia licensure.


  • Demonstrated experience and success in participating in and supporting organizational change processes, especially as it relates to diversity, equity, and inclusion.
  • Knowledge of, and skilled in, managing programs, people, and resources in the effective advisement of students and their parents regarding learning, enrichment, and growth to facilitate improved academic achievement and expand horizons on the range of opportunities, including college. This includes knowledge of/skill in supervision at the first level of supervision, or the ability to rapidly acquire such knowledge/skill, to supervise subordinates. 
  • Knowledge of federal, state, and local laws, rules, and policies governing curriculum and instruction standards and accountability. 
  • Knowledge of the methodology, procedures, and practices of the specialties required to deliver quality instructional support. 
  • Knowledge in program evaluation and developing strategic plans. 
  • Ability to provide consultative support to administrators and support staff to ensure that schools have equitable learning environments. 
  • Ability to develop a district-wide culture where diversity, equity, and inclusion are a strategic focus. 
  • Ability to review, recommend and implement policies or standards that address challenges related to diversity, inclusion, and instructional equity. 
  • Ability to develop and implement effective strategies that address issues of student achievement disproportionality and instructional inequity. 
  • Ability to interpret data, develop recommendations to address trends and challenges, and convey findings to a wide audience. 
  • Ability to interact with others across departments, agencies, and the community to forge relationships that foster collaboration. 
  • Ability to monitor, direct, and coordinate several projects simultaneously under strict deadlines.
  • Knowledge of learning theory, learning styles, child development, counseling, and related matters to evaluate the assessment of and response to individual student needs in support of improved academic achievement. 
  • Knowledge of key regulations, initiatives, guidelines, and standards applying to equity and excellence, with emphasis on APS. 
  • Knowledge of Virginia SOL, APS curricula, APS organization, instructional methods and related programmatic and operational matters as pertinent to minority learning and achievement. This includes knowledge of external student achievement support systems available to APS. 
  • Knowledge of diversity-inclusion, with emphasis on diversity within APS as related to minority student academic achievement. 
  • Skill in problem solving to select, organize and logically process relevant information (verbal, numerical or abstract) to solve a problem. This includes ability to recognize subtle aspects of problems, identify relevant information and make balanced recommendations and decisions. Examples include developing, enhancing, implementing, and evaluating APS-wide programs to enhance minoritized student achievement; advising on minoritized student achievement issues and responses based in part on expertise in the field; and supervising subordinate staff, including work planning, assignment and review, performance assessment, motivation, etc. 
  • Skill in written communication to understand written information (including instructions, descriptions, and ideas), and to express such information in writing so that others will understand and, at times, be convinced or persuaded. 
  • Skill in oral communication to understand verbal information (including instructions, descriptions, and ideas), and to express such information verbally so that others will understand and, at times, be convinced or persuaded. This includes the ability to encourage effective oral communication by others, such as direct reports and Equity Coordinators and Specialists assigned to schools, parents, and students. 
  • Interpersonal skills to interact with contacts in a businesslike, customer service-oriented manner by establishing and maintaining effective working relationships and working in harmony with directors, staff, students, and the public. 
  • Skill in using a computer and proficiency in Microsoft Office programs, including Excel and PowerPoint, is required. 
  • Bilingual skills are preferred but not required.


  • Plans and supports complex projects across teams, such as supporting advocacy efforts with community engagement and schools, supporting culturally relevant practices and curriculum implementation, and implementing equitable hiring practices across all hiring portfolios.
  • Track milestones and deliverables for equity priorities.
  • Plans agendas for the equity teams and stakeholder groups that contribute to the goals for the years and are responsive to the current context.


Candidates must submit an application online and attach a resume, a written statement of interest in and qualifications for this position.  Please complete the online Administrative/Technical application on the APS website in the Employment section:  A minimum of three letters of recommendation must also be submitted online as part of your application packet.


It is the policy of the Arlington School Board, as stated in the School Board Policy G-2.30, that employment opportunities shall not be restricted, abridged, or otherwise adversely affected on the basis of race, national origin, creed, color, religion, gender, age, economic status, sexual orientation, marital status, genetic information, pregnancy status, veteran status, gender identity or expression, and/or disability.