Seeking for Mentors/Coaches

The Puerto Rico Education Foundation (PREF) continues supporting to support the Puerto Rico Department of Education (PRDE)PRDE by developing ideas and implementing strategies that will improve the Puerto Rico’s public schools systems. To achieve that, we are seeking for mentor/coach individuals with extensive experience in complex public educational systems to act as coaches and mentors to the Regional Offices (school districts), supporting and complementing the work Regional Superintendents are doing. These mentors must have extensive experience in the K-12 eEducation sSystems and be extraordinary educators, leadership talentpeople leaders, coalition builders and change makers, who believes in the potential of all children and appreciates and values the Puerto Rican cultural context to advance this regional educational strategy.

Puerto Rico’s Department of Education (PRDE) serves over 2980,000 students 78% of whom live at or under the poverty line, yet hold extraordinary and unbound potential. Our current system delivers results that do not reflect the potential of our students and the amount of resources invested.

These mentors/coaches would bring their outside experience and knowledge becoming key potential resources that will assist the PRDEED system during this transformational process of decentralization and regionalization.

These individuals will be under a monthly professional services contract and are required to be bilingual (Spanish and English) and to relocate to Puerto Rico. No relocation fee is available. Compensation will be competitive.

For more information on this job opportunity, please send your resume to Ms. Enid Reyes, Executive Director for Puerto Rico Education Foundation (PREF)  at For more information please contact the PREF at (787) 508-3338 or and (214) 215-1736.

Mentor/Coach Job Description
As part of the PREF Mentors’ Program, the Mentor/Coach will:

  • Blend mentoring and executive coaching techniques to support assigned DEPR PRDE Regional  Superintendents
  • Support assigned ORE(s) staff with leadership practices to improve schools and improve student achievement
  • Develop and implement professional learning opportunities with Regional Superintendents, ORE staff, school principals provide leadership guidance on goals and objectives for ORE staff/ORE principals
  • Ensure assigned Regional Superintendents learn/improve skills, knowledge, and decision-making capacity to fulfill their role as defined by DEPR

The role of the Regional Mentor/Coach may include:

  • Understand DEPR Regional Superintendents/ORE principalsprincipals’ responsibilities/tasks well enough to be able to support others on how to manage high-level responsibilities
  • Teach assigned DEPR Regional Superintendents required skills, methodologies and processes to fulfill their role as designed by DEPR
  • Serve as a sounding board to assigned DEPR Regional Superintendents and direct reports
  • Provide feedback on performance for improvement of leadership
  • Report updates on progress to the Puerto Rico Secretary of Education (or representative) and PREF
  • Recommend effective and efficient processes related to the DEPR Regional Superintendent role, ORE practices and school leaders initiatives
  • Work collaboratively with PREF mentors to design, facilitate, and/or guide professional learning opportunities across OREs

PREF Mentor/coach will follow International Coaching Federation (ICF) competencies/in mentoring Regional Superintendents:

  • Set the Foundation
  • Meet Ethical Guidelines and Professional Standards
  • Establish the Mentor Agreement
  • Co-create the Relationship
  • Establish Trust with the Mentor
  • Mentoring Presence
  • Communicate Effectively
  • Active Listening
  • Powerful Questioning
  • Direct Communication
  • Facilitate Learning and Results
  • Create Awareness
  • Design Actions
  • Planning and Goal Setting
  • Manage Progress and Accountability