POSTING DATE: March 6, 2020
CLOSING DATE: Until Filled
POSITION: Chief Performance Officer
REPORTS TO: Superintendent of Schools
SUPERVISES: The Office of Performance and Accountability
PRIMARY FUNCTION: The Chief Performance Officer (CPO) provides strategic vision, leadership, and direction that enables the district to understand and communicate the student outcomes achieved, the impact of core district strategies, and implications for continued improvement. The CPO plays a vital function by providing data to help inform improvements for students, developing systems and tools to track progress towards district goals and providing the analysis that enables district leaders to have a deeper understanding of the current state, to challenge current assumptions, and to spur
reflective dialogue and innovative thinking that move efforts forward more effectively.

RESPONSIBILITIES AND ESSENTIAL FUNCTIONS: The Chief Performance Officer’s responsibilities will include but will not be limited to the following:

Equity Leadership and Student Success
• Cultivate a commitment among all district staff to enable all students to achieve high standards
• Confront preconceptions and model open dialogue around race, culture, class, and other issues of difference
• Operate with a lens of cultural proficiency, sensitivity, and equity to ensure students’ needs are met
• Assess the distribution of academic supports with a clear racial equity lens, ensuring allocation provides the best resources to efficiently and effectively meet the needs of all HPS students, families, and schools
• Bring together multiple stakeholders and help drive decisions
Performance Management Leadership
• Lead district in creating a compelling vision and theory of action for the Office of Performance and the district’s progress and performance measurement system that includes information from all parts of the district to:
o Support the timely monitoring of district-wide and school wide administrative and instructional programs, and
o Measure and report on progress and performance to meet the information needs of district staff and community stakeholders
• Design and implement the district’s strategy to measure and report on student learning and achievement
• Develop and implement the district’s strategic approach to research, accountability and assessments
• Coordinate the Accountability & Research Program for the school system, which includes interpreting the
program legislation, collecting data, and preparing reports to meet program requirements
• Assume leadership role on the Superintendent’s Cabinet; assist with long-range strategic planning, developing
system-wide budgets, plans, policies, and activities
• Lead the Superintendent and other senior staff in annual strategic planning
• Drive strategic planning by establishing alignment and progress monitoring around a set of annual and multi-year
strategic priorities that are aligned to the HPS’ scorecard
• Manage ongoing projects initiated by the Superintendent connected to the Strategic Plan and generate ongoing management reports
• Oversee large, often cross-functional organization-wide projects or initiatives
Research, Evaluation, and Accountability
• Conduct statistical analysis of academic initiatives with focus on improving student achievement and lead the strategy to ensure accurate development of reports for all district accountability matters
• Review and make strategic interpretations of assessment results, ensuring that all accountability reports are clearly understood and actionable by district and school site personnel
• Oversee the analysis of assessment data and monitor all state accountability systems for achievement data from national, state, and district assessments and prepare the data for presentation to the Superintendent and broader public
• Interpret legislation, policies, and guidelines governing the program; prepare required reports for the Board of Education
• Provide leadership in developing, administering, interpreting and reporting the district’s evaluation programs and procedures; design data collection instruments and broker external evaluation services
• Monitor the latest research, trends and development in all areas of education and share relevant/actionable findings with the Superintendent, cabinet, and senior staff members
• Deliver written and oral presentations on academic accountability to various stakeholders (i.e. Board of Education, principals, teachers, parents and community groups) that focus on results, help build consensus, and help stakeholders understand implications and significance of results
• Collaborate with technology team to ensure the district has appropriate technology and operating systems needed to track, report, and aggregate/disaggregate student performance data (school-by-school, classroom-by-classroom)
• Ensure district compliance in monitoring, assessment, and reporting for all internal and external testing measures
• Oversee the allocation of materials and staff resources for data-related purposes; ensure proper use and enforce appropriate accountability for disbursements and expenditures
Support for Continuous Improvement
• Monitor the progress of school performance, student achievement objectives, and academic excellence indicators to assure alignment of improvement strategies; direct implementation of revised or new strategies and key standards
• Partner closely with the Chief Academic Office, the Superintendent’s Cabinet, and principals to ensure that assessments are aligned with the district’s curriculum and instructional strategies and to ensure the appropriate resources and support needed for data-driven instruction by teachers, principals, and other staff
• Partner closely with the Office of Talent Management to design educator evaluation and accountability tools and systems
• Collaborate with schools, district departments, principals, and teachers to ensure timely availability of tools for viewing student data that allow teachers to adjust their instructional strategies
• Create data dashboards and other internal and external data reporting systems to help various audiences both visualize and analyze student performance data
• Develop frameworks and strategic approaches to challenges and improvement needs
• Meet with the Superintendent’s Cabinet regularly to support the implementation of district-wide initiatives and goals
• Coordinate larger setbacks to ensure that the organization’s goals progression is communicated, issues are identified, and plans detailed to set goal attainment back on track
• Support appropriate departments to create organizational-wide cascading goals that work across departmental functions in support of HPS’ strategic and performance goals
• Coordinate the creation and implementation of school-level goal setting and monitoring that is aligned to the HPS’ district scorecard
• Facilitate healthy debate on the most important strategic questions facing HPS
Talent Management and Professional Learning
• Build and lead a highly effective, innovative performance management department
• Provide supervision, mentoring, and professional development opportunities that help all staff grow and prepare for assessments aligned to their ability to continually improve instructional practices
• Support staff to develop, implement, and evaluate project plans and strategy to achieve goals
• Provide input and monitor coordination for a robust, systemic approach to district-wide professional development activities for HPS, in partnership with central offices

KEY COMPETENCIES: The ideal candidate will demonstrate the following:
Vision and Courage to Ensure All Students Achieve
• Demonstrate belief and hold self and others accountable for reaching high academic achievement of all students
• Secure buy-in to a clear and compelling vision
• Comfortable addressing matters of equity, race, and bias in decision-making
Data Management Knowledge and Expertise
• Deep understanding of how to develop, implement, and revise data management systems for a variety of purposes
• Comfortable with technology platforms; able to evaluate the effectiveness of different platforms and systems solutions to meet the district’s accountability needs
• Analytical approach to information management; able to review, understand, and interpret student achievement and other kinds of data for various audiences
• Commitment to the importance of using assessment data to measure student progress on district academic and career-ready goals
• Able to create and manage data dashboards, progress reports, and other user-friendly spreadsheets and documents that provide quality information on assessment results to various internal stakeholders
• Enforce a commitment to the highest level of accuracy and integrity for all data collected and reported
Influence and Leadership
• Demonstrate a leadership presence that gains the confidence of others
• Comfortable pushing a group’s thinking and challenging ideas to enable better decisions
• Skillfully navigate political structures, relationships, and dynamics to improve results for students
• Actively listen to others, understand nuance, and effectively interpret motivations/perceptions
• Able to integrate feedback from others to achieve better results
• Communicate effectively, tailoring message for the audience, context, and mode of communication
• Build positive relationships and coalitions; maintain visibility and work collaboratively with diverse stakeholders at all levels (i.e. district staff, students, families, communities, advocacy groups, etc.)
Strategic Planning and Effective Execution
• Proactively offer innovative solutions to seemingly intractable problems
• Demonstrate critical thinking skills and the ability to analyze data, identify trends, and diagnose root causes
• Exhibit a strong focus on goals and results; set clear metrics for success
• Demonstrate excellent project management skills, including close attention to detail, ability to balance the big picture with detailed steps to reach the end goal, and ability to balance multiple projects under tight deadlines
• Continuously monitor progress and demonstrate persistence to overcome obstacles to achieve goals
Team Leadership and Management
• Understand how to read and respond to unspoken and implicit cues as well as excellent communication, presentation, and facilitation skills; bring high emotional intelligence and an ability to connect with others and drive towards action through strong, clear communication with key decision-makers
• Build and lead effective teams to achieve ambitious goals
• Assess team and individuals’ skills, identify development needs, and provide feedback and support to improve practice, build capacity, and maximize talent
• Promote professional learning and utilize effective adult learning techniques
• Lead team to collaborate with other departments, teams, and stakeholders

KEY QUALIFICATIONS: In order to be successful in this role, candidates must demonstrate the following:
• Proven track record of developing dashboards and data tools for non-technical audiences
• Five to seven years of management experience in curriculum development, assessment and implementation with significant data analysis and statistical analysis experience or equivalent that proves the required knowledge and skills
• Significant experience in leading, supervising, and managing comprehensive assessment/ evaluation systems and office administrative leadership experience preferred; school or central office based administrative experience preferred
• MA or PhD (preferred) in Education Research, Assessment, Measurement, Curriculum Evaluation, or a related field
CERTIFICATION REQUIREMENTS: Connecticut Intermediate Administration or Supervision certification (092) is required.
SALARY AND TERMS OF EMPLOYMENT: 12-Month work year. Non-Bargaining Grid. Salary by individual employment contract.
EVALUATION: Evaluated annually
APPLICATION PROCEDURE: The screening process for highly qualified candidates is immediate, and interested candidates are encouraged to apply as soon as possible. To be considered, all internal and external applicants must fully complete a Hartford Public Schools’ online application, which includes the Educator’s Professional Inventory (EPI) assessment. All candidates must upload requested documents, including: cover letter, current resume, and three (3) letters of professional reference that were prepared within the last three years. For internal candidates, one of the three letters of reference is required to be from the applicant’s current principal and/or executive director of school leadership. To apply, please visit and follow the appropriate link. Additional inquiries may be directed to Nancy Williams, Senior Talent Recruiter, at
An Equal Employment Opportunity and Affirmative Action Employer, M/F/V/D