Job Title: Chief Financial Officer 
Wage/Hour Status: Exempt
Funding Source: Local
Reports to: Superintendent
Pay Grade: Administrative/ Professional 09 ($124,040 – $167,819)
Contract Days: 226
Dept/School: Business/Finance Revision Date: 10/2020
Primary Purpose:
Plan, organize and manage the functions of the business office. Provide effective and responsible leadership for all areas of the business division.
Master’s degree, Certified Public Accountant or Equivalent
Special Knowledge/Skills:
Strong planning, organizational management, and interpersonal skills
Thorough knowledge of school business operations including budgeting and finance, payroll and accounting, tax collection, purchasing and inventory control, transportation.
Five years administrative experience in related areas
Major Responsibilities and Duties:
Support the Superintendent in dealing with legislative, administrative, and public affairs issues; directly handles matters of importance on behalf of the Superintendent.
School/Organizational Climate
1. Develop and maintain positive staff morale with the district’s business operations.
2. Communicate effectively with staff, community, and school board.
3. Promote effective communication techniques by business staff.
4. Cooperatively develop long and short range objectives and goals for the business operations of the school district.
5. Demonstrate openness to staff and willingness to improve office effectiveness.
School/Organization Improvement
6. Implement procedures in the business office which support the mission of the district.
7. Assist with the planning and conducting of needs assessments related to the business operations of the district.
8. Promote a positive image that supports the mission of the school district.
9. Assume the management role in assigned roles.
10. Work with other personnel in projecting student enrollments, staffing needs, building and facility needs, energy needs, capital equipment needs, and other cost items for district improvement.
11. Have high expectations and high regard for staff supervised and communicates this perspective to others.
Personnel Management
12. Define job performance expectations of subordinate staff.
13. Evaluate job performance of subordinate personnel.
14. Develop training options and/or improvement plans to ensure the best operation of the department.
15.Work effectively in the development of staff.
16. Work positively with staff in developing and administering the budgeting process.
Administration and Fiscal/Facilities Management
17. Provide effective leadership and management for purchasing.
18.Provide effective leadership and management for tax collections.
19.Provide effective leadership and management for payroll, accounting and inventory of fixed assets.
20. Effectively provide leadership for energy management.
21. Provide effective leadership and management for bond issues.
22. Effectively provide leadership for debt management.
23. Provide effective leadership for child nutrition program.
24. Provide effective leadership for plant services department.
25. Achieve cost effective practices throughout the district.
26. Compile district, campus, and program budgets and cost estimates; prepare and submit financial report.
27. Direct the district’s Energy Savings and Transportation Program.
28. Develop, monitor, and administer the budgeting process.
29. Effectively provide leadership for budget expenditures.
30. Effectively invest district funds.
31. Effectively monitor budget expenditures as budgeted.
Student Management
32. Demonstrate support for the district’s student management system and expected student behavior related to operational aspects of the district.
School/Community Relations
33. Articulate to the general public the school district’s mission and goals and the way in which business operations support these directions.
34.Be involved in community activities that encourage support and mutual respect between the district and the community.
Professional Growth and Development
35. Use information through assessment instruments and the district appraisal process to improve performance.
36. Seek, accept, and respond to evaluative feedback from other administrators to improve performance.
37. Take the initiative to become more effective in the management of business operations.
38. Actively seek out professional development activities designed to improve performance in identified needed areas.
39. Actively participate in professional organization; take the initiative to provide leadership in addressing the challenges facing the profession.
40. Conduct oneself in a professional and ethical manner.
41. Be proactive in the role as Chief Financial Officer.
42. Perform other duties as assigned.
Supervisory Responsibilities:
This position is responsible for overseeing district program management in the following areas:
Transportation Purchasing and Assets Plant Services
Child Nutrition Energy Management
Facility Management/Rentals
Equipment Used:
Personal computer, printer, calculator, fax machine, other general office equipment
Working Conditions:
Mental Demands/Physical Demands/Environmental Factors: Must maintain emotional control and exercise reasoning and problem solving skills while under stress. Must demonstrate ability to communicate effectively (verbal and written). Should be able to interpret procedures and analyze data for decision-making. Frequent in-district and occasional in-state or national travel. Occasional prolonged and irregular hours.\
Safety: Contribute to the prevention of accidents and injuries by observing safety rules and District policy, practicing the principles and skills taught in safety training, wearing personal protective equipment as required, reporting injuries and incidences immediately to supervisor, and being proactive in the ongoing efforts to improve and maintain workplace safety.

The information contained in this job description is for compliance with the Americans with Disabilities Act (ADA) and foregoing statements describe the general purpose and responsibilitieassigned to this job and are not an exhaustive list of all responsibilities, duties, and skills that may brequired. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions.