The City School District of New Rochelle is seeking highly qualified candidates for the position of Chief Academic Officer / Assistant Superintendent of Curriculum & Instruction 

Reports To: Superintendent of Schools 

Role: To provide vision and leadership necessary for the development of the Pre-K to Grade 12 educational program through the organization, administration, supervision, coordination, and evaluation of the programs and services provided by the District. 

Performance Responsibilities: 

  • Develop, and implement a compelling vision for the district’s instructional and curriculum services and set a compelling vision and short- and long-range goals to ensure rigorous and standards-aligned instruction and instructional supports in every classroom, for every student. 
  • Oversee the implementation of an instructional plan that ensures effective teaching in every classroom, and create conditions that ensure systemic improvement of practice over time in every classroom. 
  • Provide such supportive service and assistance to the elementary and secondary schools as may be essential to reach the goals and objectives of the educational school program as prescribed by the Board of Education. Establish and maintain instructional programs within the schools to obtain short- and long-range goals. 
  • Direct academic service areas (instructional improvement, curriculum, and instruction, professional learning, social-emotional learning, gifted services, English language learners’ supports, etc.). 
  • Apply research and best practices to inform theories of pedagogy and ensure consistent delivery of high-quality instruction aligned with key standards (classroom-to-classroom, grade-by-grade, school-by-school). 
  • Create the conditions that enable all educators to provide rigorous, authentic, and personalized experiences for all students, particularly historically underserved populations. 
  • Develop, organize and implement models of technical assistance for schools with low student achievement; and continuous improvement for schools with average-to-high student achievement.
  • Collaborate with schools to develop instructional programs and to implement models designed to improve the achievement of all students; develop a two-way feedback loop.
  • Create opportunities for school leaders, teachers, and other education staff to reflect on their practice while engaging in the systemic improvement of practice over time in every classroom.
  • Build and lead a highly effective, innovative academic services department that is assessed on the ability to continually improve instructional practices and student outcomes.
  • Support staff to develop, implement, and evaluate project plans and strategies to achieve goals and objectives.
  • Build the capacity of district teachers and leaders to implement inclusive practices for students with special needs.
  • Provide input on professional learning opportunities by partnering with the central office to create district-wide professional learning programs, ensuring a robust, systemic approach that meets students’ needs.
  • Ensure that initiatives for school leaders and school teams are coordinated and integrate both academic content and instructional strategies (Universal Design for Learning, culturally and linguistically relevant pedagogy, etc.).
  • Monitor the coordination of district professional learning efforts and the implementation of new and existing educational programs using Professional Learning Communities (PLC’s) as a vehicle to provide staff support.
  • Provide coordination in implementing a sequential pattern of instruction to meet the needs of the various group levels and classifications for instructional performance.
  • Assure compliance with State and Federal laws pertaining to education, Commissioner’s Regulations, Board of Education policies, regulations of the Superintendent, and requirements of negotiated contracts with District employees.
  • Ensure effectiveness of teaching delivery.
  • Monitor the selection of resources in each of the schools to ensure a comparable delivery of educational opportunities.
  • Provide appropriate (formal & informal) supervision of administrative and supervisory personnel in the schools to ensure effective operation.
  • Ensure the effective functioning of all educational programs in the schools, including collaboration with the Assistant Superintendent for Student & Pupil Support Services regarding special education programs.
  • Serve as a member of the Superintendent’s Cabinet and administrative staff council.
  • Assist School Principals in the process of staff selection. 
  • Provide special reports and studies as requested by the Superintendent of Schools.  Attend Board of Education meetings; serve as a resource person when necessary.
  • Perform such other responsibilities as may be requested by the Superintendent of Schools and authorized by law. 

NYS Certification is required at the time of application 

EOE: Minority candidates are encouraged to apply 

Please do not send resumes to Human Resources: They will not be accepted. Apply via