Under the direction of the school site Principal the Assistant Principal is an emerging dynamic educational leader in a rural high school setting. The individual must possess a strong belief and commitment that all students can succeed and progress to college or other career focused goals. The high school Assistant Principal is a passionate leader who possesses a deep belief that high schools can send all of their students into the 21st century through rigorous instruction, excellent, safe campuses, a collaborative school culture, and can facilitate a professional community of adults that drives the school’s success. The high school assistant principal must have an emerging base of knowledge and skills and be willing to be coached to move a school out of program improvement status and sustain that goal. Using the school district’s vision, building trust with staff and community while developing programs using a strong understanding of best practices in curriculum and instruction, the High School Assistant Principal understands models, promotes, and works effectively with people from different cultures. The Assistant Principal assists in organizing and administering a program which provide an atmosphere conducive to the total development of the student and participates in maintaining a positive public image for the school.
The Assistant Principal has the character, personality, and proper social capability to relate effectively with racially and ethnically diverse staff, students, and community. The Assistant Principal must have demonstrated ability to work with a wide variety of community groups and organizations.
• Monitors, reviews and reports on district progress in meeting Pupil Achievement Standards (e.g., Planning Processes, Curriculum Instructional Strategies, Assessment and Accountability, Professional Development) and Financial Management Standards for special education programs.
• In the absence of the principal, assumes the duties and responsibilities of the principal
• Directs and assists in the supervision of designated programs in accordance with local policy, state and federal laws and regulations as assigned by the school site principal.
• Assist in the coordination of department and faculty meetings as well as collaboration meetings.
• Collaborates with school principals and directors of other programs to improve the quality of services; provides program and student outcome data and completes all required evaluation/assessment reports.
• Provides leadership for development of district and department goals and objectives; provides leadership for development of program improvement of special education programs including design, implementation of management of inclusive education programs.
• Provides all State, federal and district reports in a timely manner.
• Assists in providing leadership in the development of the master schedule and the WASC process
• Implements the routine activities including, but not limited to, the following: campus/co-curricular supervision and conduct of the school safety program.
• Serves as an advisor to the student classes, student senate and student leadership class for the purpose of facilitating communication with administration, faculty, community and the student government representatives.
• Coordinates a variety of activities (e.g. calendars, announcements, campus publicity, transportation, athletic schedules,) for the purpose of delivering services in conformance with District objectives.
• Performs the duties of plant manager (e.g. originating/evaluating request for repairs/maintenance, coordinating facilities use, assisting in activities, etc.) for the purpose of ensuring District property is maintained in a safe and comfortable manner.
• Monitors and assists to improve student achievement, attendance and behavior
• Assists in evaluating the effectiveness of the instructional program of the school for the purpose of delivering services which conform to established guidelines and regulations.
• Makes recommendations for facilities required for planned programs.
• Supervises and coordinates cafeteria services for the purpose of ensuring objectives of the free and reduced lunch programs are achieved.
• Supervises assigned school personnel for the purpose of monitoring performance, providing for professional growth and achieving overall objectives of the school’s curriculum.
• Monitors students in a variety of venues for the purpose of ensuring a safe and positive learning environment.
• Maintains a variety of manual and electronic documents, files and records (e.g. financial records, calendars, etc.) for the purpose of document activities, providing written reference, and complying with mandated requirements
• Develops plans and procedures to assure the health, safety, conduct, and welfare of students
Effectively implements system of general financial control and monitoring of programs, including abatements.
• Effectively plans, organizes and implements educational programs and support services. Assesses site special education program effectiveness.
• Understands and is sensitive to those of culturally or linguistically diverse backgrounds.
• Implements effective systems of supervision and evaluation of staff for the improvement of the instructional program
• Directs the activities of assigned staff, both certificated and classified; evaluates performance; provides support, technical direction
and guidance; makes employment, transfer, promotion and salary recommendations.
• Directs and provides leadership to the district’s Response to Intervention (RtI) program and Student Study Team (SST) process;
coordinate and train staff in identification of students requiring support under a 504 plan.
• Assists in monitoring the procedures required in a recommendation for expulsion of student(s) with disabilities.
• Performs other duties as assigned
Knowledge, skills, and abilities:
• Knowledge of administration, principles and methods of education and instructional services models.
• Knowledge of current education programs, curriculum and instruction practices and strategies designed to assist students with
disabilities in securing a quality education.
• Knowledge of Response to Intervention (RtI) model and research-based methodologies.
• Knowledge of teaching and learning theories.
• Demonstrates exemplary personal qualities essential to the development of a positive school climate
• Knowledge of public information principles and techniques, including an awareness of community needs interests and concerns.
• Knowledge of and ability to apply effective supervision techniques.
• Knowledge of applicable federal and state laws, codes, regulations, policies and procedures related to students with disabilities.
• Ability to communicate effectively in English both orally and in writing; prepare narrative reports
• Bachelor’s Degree required.
• Any combination of a Master’s Degree in a related field or equivalent experience
• A minimum of 5 years successful teaching experience
• School site administrative experience preferred.
• Bilingual in English/Spanish highly desirable
• Valid California Administrative Services Credential (or certificate of eligibility)
• Valid California Driver’s License with evidence of insurability
• Prospective and current employees are expected possess and maintain the following
• Current CPR certificate issued by the Red Cross
SALARY RANGE: Assistant Principal Salary Schedule – DOE
• Department of Justice fingerprint clearance processed by the District or District-approved agency
• TB (Tuberculosis) clearance
• Pre-employment physical
• Evidence of that all conditions listed under Licenses, Certificates and Clearances have been met
• File the oath or affirmation of allegiance required by Government Code Sections 3100-3109

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Salary is: $113.815- $124,481

*** Bilingual English-Spanish Highly Desirable