Bryia Public Charter School

Job Description 

Job Title: Adult Education Lead Teacher
Reports To: Adult Education Coordinator and Lead Teacher
Department: Education
FLSA Status: Exempt

Position Summary  

The Adult Education Lead Instructor is part of the adult education team at Briya Public Charter  School — a leading two-generation education program serving immigrant parents and their young children in Washington, D.C. Briya is a Tier One Public Charter School, consistently achieving the highest educational outcomes through its innovative, family-centric programming. 

Briya has a strategic partnership with Mary’s Center, a Federally Qualified Health Center,  further strengthening student families with comprehensive medical, dental, and social services. 

Essential Duties and Responsibilities 


  • Develop unit plans in accordance with Briya’s curriculum and students’ interests and needs that increase students’ English reading, writing, speaking, listening, and digital literacy skills while focusing on practical life skills. 
  • Develop and implement daily Adult Education lesson plans and weekly parenting lesson plans that adhere to the ESL and DL Standards & Curriculum with fidelity. Plans will follow best practices in instructional design by including objectives, student-centered instructional activities with differentiated instruction, and assessment, all of which are appropriate to the skill level,  needs, and interests of the students in the program. Utilize effective strategies that provide opportunities for student learning and active engagement in the learning process, incorporating contemporary tools, technologies, and resources. Plans will include the role and responsibilities of each teacher within the classroom.
  • Design authentic learning experiences for students to develop the knowledge, skills, and attitudes necessary to be effective workers, parents/family members, and citizens. 
  • Evaluate students’ progress and curriculum effectiveness through regular formative and summative assessments.
  • Plan and implement Parent and Child Together (PACT) Time activities (including field trips) with other Briya staff. Plan parenting classes at appropriate instructional levels that prepare parents to be their child’s first teacher during PACT time and at home.  
  • Integrate the Equipped for the Future Standards, Comprehensive Adult Student Assessment  System (CASAS) Competencies, CASAS Content Standards, Common Core State Standards, and  College and Career Readiness Standards into goal-setting and instruction.  
  • Maintain complete unit and daily lesson plans and materials in an organized manner for reference and use by colleagues. 


  • Teach Adult Education classes in a two-generation setting, integrating ESL, digital literacy,  parenting, and PACT instruction. Provide quality instruction that fosters an academic learning climate, actively supports teaching and learning, and implements the curriculum with fidelity.  
  • Implement a team-teaching model within the classroom that provides differentiated and small  group instruction by ensuring that both teachers are engaged in promoting students’ learning  through activities such as the following: 
  • Providing whole class, small group, pair, and individual instruction 
  • Circulating to answer student progress while in the questions 
  • Guiding students to understand class content 
  • Redirecting students’ attention to learning 
  • Modeling classroom behavior 
  • Utilize effective teaching strategies that provide opportunities for student learning and active engagement in the learning process. Meet the needs of students not making reasonable progress toward achieving school and personal goals; this may include one-on-one support, pull-out classes in other languages, and referrals to Student Services.
  • Track and evaluate student progress in ESL using the CASAS assessment. Use various assessments and evaluation data to monitor student learning, instructional effectiveness, and instructional decisions. Provide ongoing, informal assessments to provide increased instructional opportunities. Run and analyze TopsPro reports to assess students’ areas of need  and inform instruction
  • Provide a safe and orderly learning environment in the classroom. 
  • Work with Briya Coordinators to plan and prepare the supplies needed for ESL, Digital Literacy,  PACT, and parenting classes. 

Classroom Technology

  • Regularly and consistently, utilize classroom technology to enhance student education and further personal and professional goals through blended and online learning. 
  • Work closely with Briya IT Technicians to maintain student computers and other on-site technology equipment (hardware and software).
  • Ensure proper use of classroom technology during class at all times (ie. No food or drink). 

Collaboration – Meet formally once a week and informally throughout the week with Associate Teacher.

  • Develop unit and daily lesson plans and reflect on and assess class’s progress 
  • Discuss individual student concerns 
  • Support instructional coach in providing teaching development for Associate Teacher by  scaffolding the delegation of lesson planning and teaching activities as appropriate  
  • Ensure class administrative duties are completed. 

Data and other administrative duties – the Lead Teacher assists with gathering the following data.

  •  Daily, track attendance daily and communicate with students who are absent. Communicate  with Briya colleagues in the administration and early childhood about any students with attendance  concerns. Work with Briya team to meet class enrollment and in-seat attendance targets. 
  • Weekly monitor student CASAS data to inform instruction and support individual progress.  instruct students on Briya reading journals, assess students’ ability to successfully complete  Briya reading journal, and maintain records of individual student Briya reading journal  
  • completion. 
  • Meet individually with families three times a year for Student-Teacher Conferences to discuss  the families’ goals and progress. Complete Family Follow-up Forms with all adult learners in the  class. 
  • Student Support & Other Duties 
  • Provide information and referrals for families regarding social, health, legal, and educational resources and opportunities available in the area. Refer students to Student Services Coordinator as needed.
  • Assist with student recruitment, student registrations, and special events such as graduation and other school-based celebrations.  
  • Supply information and data needed for reporting and work with the monitoring teams who visit the school. Participate in all staff meetings, training, and retreats 

Professional Development 

  • Annually, with Instructional Coach, identify and implement instructional goals 
  • Increase ESL, digital literacy, and child development skills and knowledge  
  • Share knowledge with and learn from AE colleagues during PD events, class observations and  material (eg lesson plan, smart notebook files, handouts, google classroom) reviews


Education and/or Experience: 

  • Master’s degree or ESL certification and 2 years of teaching or related experience and knowledge in the fields of adult education, TESOL, education technology, special education,  parenting, and/or early childhood development or Bachelor’s degree in education, special education, or related field and 3 years of teaching or related experience and knowledge in the fields of adult education, special education, parenting, and/or early childhood development. 
  • Significant cross-cultural experience.
  • Excellent communication skills in English and intermediate level Spanish preferred. Amharic, Tigrinya, French, and/or Arabic is an asset.
  • Excellent interpersonal, problem-solving, analytical, and organizational skills.
  • Proficiency in Microsoft Office (Word, Excel, PowerPoint, Outlook), Windows. Comfort with, or ability to learn, Smart Board Technologies, Google Classroom, Google Apps for Education, and online learning applications such as Kahoot, Quizlet, EdPuzzle, and Digital Stories. 
  • Reasoning Ability – Ability to apply common sense understanding to carry out moderately complex,  multi-step instructions and make appropriate independent decisions as necessary. 
  • Physical Demands – Regularly required standing, walking, and sitting, sometimes for many hours at a  time; frequently required to reach with hands and arms, walk, stoop, kneel, crouch, talk or hear; must be able to lift objects up to twenty-five (25) pounds. Reasonable accommodations may be made to enable individuals with disabilities to perform the essential functions. 
  • Work Environment – Mostly in a typical office and classroom setting with a quiet to moderate noise level. 

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