SLA Alumni

About the Network

The SLA Alumni Network came about as a result of, informal gatherings during annual conferences, and ten years in the making. The Superintendent Leadership Academy, which is a signature program of ALAS, is now in its tenth year. There are currently nine (9) cohorts of graduates of the academy or 112 graduates. Approximately 90% are current superintendents and five (5) are superintendents in the five (5) largest school districts in the nation. 

The Focus

The SLA Alumni Network is more than just a gathering of colleagues. The SLA Alumni Network is focused on their continuous use of “A Problem of Practice.” Utilizing the process of a Problem of Practice is a fundamental concept of the curriculum in the SLA, in the advancement of learning for all children, with an emphasis on Black and Brown youth. The SLA Alumni Network will continue the use of this process to address issues that evolve to Practices of Promise. Every school district in America faces common challenges. The work of the SLA Alumni is to focus on a  Practice of Promise determined by the SLA Alumni Network to promote and advance results across the nation. The  Partner(s) of the SLA Alumni Network is a critical component to the success in the advancement of results. The partner(s) will collaboratively work shoulder-to-shoulder within the SLA Alumni Network create agendas, offer support with resources that partner(s) may have available, and co-author publications on the Practices of Promise.