School District Membership

  • Individual membership benefits for five (5) individuals
  • Reduced ALAS membership fee for all district staff – $25 off
  • Preferred consideration for summit presentations
  • Discount on ALAS summit and event registration fees
  • National advocacy for districts regarding education policies affecting all students, with an emphasis on Latin/o/a/x students
  • Eligible to submit relevant research for newsletter and ALAS website
  • Unlimited district job postings, which include: six (6) week posting on ALAS website; push on Facebook and Twitter; three (3) postings on ALAS: Leaders in Equity update; and email to SLA cohort
  • Provide link to district webpage/contact information on ALAS website
  • Content submission for weekly news brief; ALAS: Leaders in Equity Update (content must be approved by ALAS Executive Director)


Two ways to apply:  Download the application and submit to or enroll online!



Based on school district enrollment:
School District 1 0 – 1,000 students $500
School District 2 1,001-5,000 students $1,000
School District 3 5,001-15,000 students $1,500
School District 4 15,001-25,000 students $2,000
School District 5 25,001-50,000 students $2,500
School District 6 50,001-100,000 or more students $3,000
School District 7 100,001-200,000 students $4,000
School District 8 200,001 or more students $5,000