About the Network

The Connecting Compadres Network (C2) came about as a result of, informal gatherings during annual conferences, and ten years in the making. The Connecting Compadres is now in its inaugural year as a national network. There are currently thirty-four (34) members and lead school districts across the nation in administrative and superintendent capacities.

The Purpose

The Connecting Compadres Network is more than just a gathering of colleagues. The Connecting Compadres Network is focused on their continuous leadership development and network of information sharing. Their leadership development is a fundamental concept to serve in the advancement of learning for all children, with an emphasis on Black and Brown youth. The Connecting Compadres Network will focus on current and relevant practices of book studies, guest speakers and professional development opportunities. Every school district in America faces common challenges. The work of the Connecting Compadres and their strategic Partner(s) is a critical component to the success of the advancement for the leaders of today and tomorrow. The partner(s) will collaboratively work shoulder-to-shoulder within the Connecting Compadres Network to create agendas, offer support with resources that partner(s) may have available. As a partner(s) funds generated for this partnership will be used in providing books and guest speakers. The development of the agenda will be crafted through pre- meetings with the Connecting Compadres Network Facilitator and Partner(s).

Dr. Carlos M. Beato

Founding Principal International High School Langley Park, MD