Principal - Cesar Chavez Public Charter Schools - Washington - DC

As the school's most senior academic and school culture leader, the Principal is responsible for managing all policies and programming that ensure a learning environment consistent with the college preparatory and public policy-infused curricula missions of Chavez Schools. The Principal collaborates and cooperates with key Home Office personnel, leveraging subject-matter expertise to ensure the effectiveness of school programming is maximized.

Key Accountability Areas

Scholar Achievement

  • Executes research-based and data-driven programming to ensure substantive and consistent scholar growth and achievement
  • Monitors the effectiveness of school programs and their impact on scholar learning
  • Meets or exceeds quantitative goals for scholar achievement
  • Meets or exceeds qualitative goals for scholar achievement
  • Sources and utilizes a myriad of internal and external resources and strategies to positively impact scholar growth

School Culture

  • Actively challenges the status quo, building on data analysis to define processes and protocols
  • Inspires and leads new and challenging innovations
  • Communicates and operate from strong ideals and beliefs about school and schooling
  • Establishes strong lines of communication with teachers and among scholars
  • Fosters shared beliefs and a sense of community and cooperation
  • Sets and adheres to operating procedures and routines


  • Sources and provide teachers with material and professional development necessary to do their jobs effectively
  • Recognizes and celebrate accomplishments and acknowledge failures
  • Provides substantive feedback relative to improving teacher practice
  • Inspires change and personal and professional improvement
  • Exhibits flexibility, tailoring leadership voice and behavior to meet the needs of a given situation

Administrative/Compliance and Reporting

  • Ensures deliverables are timely and accurate
  • Utilizes resources designed to ensure timely deliverables
  • Implements programming to ensure timely deliverables
  • Ensures regulatory, Chavez and individual school requirements, policies and practices are consistently adhered to

Personal Leadership

  • Establishes clear growth goals and maintain those as the unwavering priority
  • Identifies and deploys necessary human and other resources to ensure all programming is executed and managed effectively
  • Protects faculty and staff from issues and influences that detract from their time or focus
  • Manages change, understanding the implications and adjusting leadership voice and behavior accordingly
  • Champions Chavez's direction even against personal vision
  • Serves as exemplar of school culture

Core Requirements

  • Minimum of 2 years as an effective Vice Principal in an urban school community as evidenced by teacher and scholar growth and achievement data as well as personal performance data
  • Minimum of 4 years' demonstrated success as an effective classroom teacher and/or teacher leader in an urban school community
  • Substantive experience with data and intervention programming
  • Substantive school leadership coursework
  • Solid understanding of the developmental and social nuances of children in grades 6-9
  • Master's degree in Education Administration or related coursework