News Releases


January 31, 2019 -- ALAS Announces 2018-2019 Board of Directors


August 6, 2018 -- ALAS Opposes Census Citizenship Question

July 30, 2018 -- ALAS Announces 2018-2019 Superintendents Leadership Academy Class

June 19, 2018 -- ALAS Statement on Immigrant Separation from Children 

May 9, 2018 -- ALAS Signs Letter of Request to Strengthen Office of English Language Acquisition (OELA)

May 2, 2018 -- ALAS Signs on to The Children's Budget Coalition's Request to Preserve and Increase Funding For Children's Programs

April 6, 2018 -- Peekskill to Name David Mauricio New Superintendent of Schools

April 6, 2018 -- ALAS Announces Leaders in Education Award Recipients

March 13, 2018 -- ALAS Signs Letter of Support for IDEA Full Funding Act

February 16, 2018 -- ALAS Statement on Safety in U.S. Schools

February 5, 2018 -- ALAS Signs on to The Children’s Budget Coalition's Request to Prioritize Spending for Children's Programs in the Budgeting Process.

January 31, 2018 -- ALAS Signs on to Request for Institute of Education Sciences’ (IES) Report on Student Home Access to Digital Learning Resources


August 7 - ALAS Selects 2017-2018 Superintendents Leadership Academy Cohort VII

July 5 - ALAS Members Appointed to New Leadership Positions

April 21 - ALAS Issues Position Statement on Education

April 4 - ALAS Announces Leaders in Education Awards Recipients


November 1 - Curriculum Associates Sponsors ALAS Scholarships to Support the Advancement of Latino/a Administrators

October 18 - ALAS Incoming President Susana Cordova Inducted into Colorado Latino Hall of Fame

October 12 - Education Department Releases Final Teacher Preparation Regulations

September 22 - ALAS President Dr. Christina Kishimoto Named a Chief for Change

September 2 - Veronica Rivera Completes Four Years of Service as ALAS Executive Director

August 26 - Long-time Educator Dr. Nancy Lewin to Take Helm of ALAS

July 22 - ALAS Selects 2016-2017 Superintendents Leadership Academy Director and Participants

April 19 - ALAS Announces Leaders in Education Award Recipients

February 12 - Dr. Alberto Siqueiros wins Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS) Outstanding Educator Award 


November 2 - ALAS Annouces Scholarship Recipients

November 2 - Dr. Carmella S. Franco Honored with ALAS Lifetime Achievement Award

October 30 - ALAS Elects New Board Officers at Annual Conference 

July 7 - ALAS Annouces New Director and Participants in the Superintendents Leadership Academy 2015-2016

April 24 - ALAS Leaders in Education Award Recipients to be Celebrated on April 29

February 26 - ALAS to Recognize Retired Associate Superintendent for Outstanding Leadership 

January 22 - Governor-elect Wolf Announces Secretaries of Education, Labor, & Industry



October 23 - ALAS Elects New Board Officers at Annual Conference

October 14 - 2014 ALAS/HMH Scholarship Recipients Named

September 22 - Six ALAS Members Selected by White House as Champions of Change

September 12 - Andres Alonso to be Honored with ALAS Lifetime Achievement Award

August 6 - ALAS Announces Participants in National Superintendents Leadership Academy

May 15 - ALAS Superintendents Leadership Academy Graduation in San Antonio

February 14 - ALAS Past President Alberto Carvalho Named 2014 Superintendent of the Year by American Association of School Administrators (AASA)

February 6 - ALAS to Recognize Superintendents from Minnesota and Georgia for Outstanding Leadership February 14



October 25 - ALAS Concludes 10th Annual Education Conference and Elects New Board Officers

September 27 - Nilsa Gonzalez to Receive ALAS Lifetime Achievement Award

September 12 - ALAS Announces Participants in National Superintendents Leadership Academy 

August 22 - ALAS Board Votes to Extend Executive Director's Contract

June 12 - ALAS Proclaims House Amendment as Shattering the Dreams of Many of our Latino Students

March 1 - Connecticut and Colorado Educators Named to ALAS Board of Directors

January 28 - National Alliance of Black School Educators (NABSE) and the Association of Latino Administrators and Superintendents (ALAS)



November 7 - Houghton Mifflin Harcourt Honors Aspiring Latino Superintendents with $12,000 in Scholarship Funding

November 1 - ALAS Board President Leads Prestigious Board Prize-Winning School District
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October 17 - National Educational Leadership Academy Announces Participants 
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January 31 - Dr. Karlene McCormick-Lee Joins CELT and ALAS



September 2 - ALAS Summit on Hispanic Education

July 22 - ALAS Superintendents Leadership Academy

March 31 - ALAS Superintendents Leadership Academy