We are interested in identifying those "best practices” you have implemented in your districts, or schools that can help others adopt strategies to ensure that ELLs have an equitable and excellent education that leads to academic success. Using the template below, please identify those practices so that we might share them with others. We are interested in a variety of practices to include: Second Language Acquisition, Cultural Knowledge (culturally-responsive teaching practices), professional development for teachers in content areas; literacy instruction for adolescents in the content areas, family literacy instruction, etc. As you think about these practices, consider what the literature tells us about shared responsibility for language acquisition at the school level, the development of curriculum that supports language development as well as general academics, the integration of second language learners into mainstream environments, and flexible scheduling. We are interested in hearing about the innovative ways you are working with ELL students and their families!

Steps for submitting your ELL Best Practices.

  • Fill out the Template for Submission
  • Email your Best Practices form to
  • Your Best Practice will be posted on the ALAS website under our Resource Library and will be included as an article in our ALAS Newsletter