Message from the President

Jose L. Banda
Superintendent, Sacramento City Unified, Sacramento, CA

Bringing together like-minded people to share ideas, strategies and visions is one of the important values/attributes of ALAS. We know that we cannot succeed on behalf of our Latino students without the passionate dedicated people to make the decisions that meaningfully impact our students’ futures.

The new school year brings tremendous hope and opportunities for the 13.6 million Latino students across the country. Their successful outcomes depend on the dedicated work of educators willing to champion their causes and continually advocate for equity and access.

ALAS is committed to serving our Latino educators. The ALAS Board of Directors has spent time developing action goals and plans that will build upon past successes and continue to make ALAS the premier national organization focused on serving Latino youth.

As the current president of ALAS, I am committed to continuing to grow our organization not only in numbers but also as a presence on the national level to provide the “leadership that assures every school in America effectively serves the educational needs of all students with an emphasis on Latino youth”. This year ALAS will also be reaching out to and working more closely with our state affiliate members to assure they are getting the support they need to grow and succeed on a state level. Lastly ALAS will also be more actively reaching out to ALAS members to be sure they have a voice in the future of ALAS. We need and want to hear from ALAS members about what they identify as priorities and how ALAS may best serve their needs.