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Teacher Exceptional Student Education, Martin County Public Schools, FL

About the position:

Teacher Exceptional Student Education
Martin County Public Schools
To provide a classroom experience in which each child will develop physically, emotionally, psychologically, and behaviorally.
(1) Bachelor’s degree from an accredited educational institution.
(2) Valid Florida teacher certification in appropriate area.
(3) ESE teachers who are teaching reading at a middle or high school will be required to add the reading endorsement to their certificate.  The exception is for ESE middle and high school teachers who are teaching reading under a course number that begins with a 78 or 79, excluding Gifted.
Ability to develop and implement an Individual Education Plan (IEP).  Knowledge of child development, both typical and atypical, and especially of characteristics of students with disabilities.  Knowledge of the prescribed curriculum.  Knowledge of current educational research relating to the education and training of children with disabilities.  Basic understanding and knowledge of current technology.  Skill in using varied teaching and communication methods to address student needs.  Ability to communicate orally and in writing.  Ability to plan and implement activities for maximum effectiveness.  Ability to assess levels of student achievement effectively, analyze test results and prescribe actions for improvement.  Ability to maintain appropriate student supervision so that students have a safe and orderly environment in which to learn.  Ability to work effectively with peers, administrators and others.  Knowledge of the laws, policies and procedures relating to the education of students with handicapping conditions and of the adaptive devices, techniques, therapies, and medical procedures required.