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Dr. Daisy Morales 
Assistant Superintendent 
Educational Services at Salinas City Elementary School District
Salinas, California 
What is your current role?
Assistant Superintendent of Educational Services at Salinas City Elementary School District
What is the enrollment of your current school district? 
County Office of Education serving 18 district, about 8,800 students
What are some of your career highlights? 
Coaching and mentoring the next generation of site administrators
What are you most proud of professionally? 
Equipping site administrators with equitable practices to empower their teachers
What is one of the biggest challenges facing educators today? 
We do not fully train and support our site administrators in the myriad of responsibilities that is required of them.   
Why is a program like SLA important for Latino educators? 
We need to equip and support educators that represent and can relate to the majority of underserved students in our districts.