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Dr. Angelica M. Ernst
School District U-46 Administrator
What is your current role?
Elementary Education Administrator Preschool through Sixth Grade Dual Language Satellite School
What is the enrollment of your current school district?
Nearly 39,000 preschoolers through twelfth graders attend the 57 District schools and programs. Our vibrant student population lists 103 home languages and more than half of our students are from Hispanic families.
What are some of your career highlights?
Master of Education in Curriculum and Instruction
Master of Arts in Educational Leadership
Doctor of Education
Graduate of Superintendent Leadership Academy of ALAS 2019
Mentoring Assistant Principals to Principals
Mentoring Latina Women into Leadership Roles
What are you most proud of professionally?
My leadership attributes have always been focused on supporting a diverse population; either through socio-economic, cultural and ethnic diversity.  My entire career has been focused on serving Title I schools.  I deeply believe our students’ who are most vulnerable future depends upon on strong advocacy, leadership and mentorship.  In order to obtain equitable access and improved academic standards, we must first confront practices that limit our students’ abilities, expectations and outcomes.   Through my experience I have continuously led equity-driven practices that impact change to either engage colleagues in dialogue, create powerful instruction and strengthen learning environments while breaking down barriers that limit the identity, culture, race and religion of students. 
What is one of the biggest challenges facing educators today?
Challenge the greatness, challenges the status quo to create change for our most vulnerable students.
Why is a program like SLA important for Latino educators?
The SLA program is important for Latino educators because it creates an awareness of the need to provide every student with equitable access to high quality and culturally relevant instruction, curriculum and other education resources.  Most importantly, it opens multiple pathways to success in educational leadership in order to meet the need of our diverse student body throughout the nation.