Executive Director of Teaching and Learning - Salt Lake City Public Schools - Salt Lake City - UT

Post Date: 05/08/2017

Executive Director of Teaching and Learning JobID: 2773  

•             Position Type: Cabinet/Executive Level/Executive Director

•             Date Posted: 5/2/2017

•             Location:  District Office

•             Date Available:  07/01/2017

•             Closing Date:  Open Until Filled

  Executive Director of Teaching and Learning

Date Job Revised: April 26, 2017

FTE:  1.0

Calendar:  223 Day

Priority Screen Date:  May 18, 2017


Position Summary: Under the direction of the Superintendent, the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning (EDTL) will oversee, manage and lead the development, selection, implementation, evaluation and refinement of the District’s PreK-12 academic programming, curricula, and assessment system. The EDTL will engage all learning community members to dramatically accelerate student achievement in Salt Lake City School District (SLCSD). S/he will ensure that organizational systems and academic programs are established to ensure all students are college and career ready. S/he will also oversee the design and selection of assessments throughout the District.


The Executive Director will supervise and coordinate all activities related to:

o             Student Assessment

o             Curriculum and Instruction

o             Concurrent Enrollment

o             Instructional Media and Library Services

o             Instructional Technology

o             Advanced Placement/IB/Gifted and Talented

o             Professional Development

o             Early Childhood

Minimum Requirements: 

9.            Master’s degree in Education or related field.

10.          State of Utah Administrative/Supervisory License or an out-of-state license that is transferrable to Utah.

11.          At least five years verifiable experience as a successful classroom teacher.

12.          At least two years of full-time paid administrative principal experience in a public elementary, middle/junior, or senior high school OR comparable experience.

13.          Professional communication skills including, but not limited to:  excellent written and verbal communication skills in English; confident, articulate, and professional speaking abilities; and empathic listening and persuasive speaking skills.

Preferred Skills, Knowledge, Abilities:

14.          Strong organizational, communication, and interpersonal skills; ability to complete assignments and reports, along with preparing presentations for the public.

15.          Ability to work in and contribute to creating a performance culture and highly collaborative environment.

16.          Ability to analyze statistical data for trends and standard performance in various programs and to develop strategies for improvement.

17.          Extensive knowledge of elementary & secondary curriculum and graduation requirements.

18.          Supervise and evaluate staff.

19.          Participate in a group plan and/or budget development.

20.          Demonstrated, in-depth knowledge of research, state curriculum standards, and federal education standards and initiatives, comprehensive assessment systems, and practice in curriculum, instruction, assessment and technology.

21.          Capable and experienced project manager with a record of accomplishment of completing projects and tasks on time and on budget; expertise in systems design.

22.          Effective manager of people with the proven ability to build the capacity of others and develop leaders.

23.          Knowledgeable about change management and quickly able to establish credibility among team members including partners, peers, direct reports, and executive leadership.

24.          Ability to effectively work with and communicate to a diverse set of internal and external stakeholders for a variety of purposes, including cross-functional teams representing multiple district office departments responsible for school effectiveness and student performance.

25.          Documented understanding of strategic planning and standards-based reform and accountability.

26.          Knowledgeable about and effective with teacher and principal professional growth and performance evaluation systems.

27.          Ability to articulate the importance of a well-designed, standards-aligned instructional and assessment program.

28.          Demonstrated ability to broker resources (human and material) based on identified needs.

29.          Demonstrated use of internal and external data to guide, define, and make informed decisions and evaluate curricula, assessment, teaching practices and leadership practices.

30.          Knowledge of local, state and federal graduation, curriculum and assessment requirements and current policy.

31.          Spanish Speaker: speaks, reads, writes and understands spoken Spanish


Duties and Responsibilities:


o             Internal relations with district office administrators involved with curriculum development and implementation; principals and teachers who implement curriculum at the school level.

o             External relations with research specialists in other school districts; State Dept. of Education; US, Dept. of Education; outreach and coordination with learning community stakeholders.

o             Participate in ongoing review of proposed programs to assess their effectiveness and alignment with current district initiatives.

o             Facilitates curriculum development centered on teaching and learning improvement initiatives.

o             Facilitates curriculum mapping and the development of a viable curriculum for student achievement and equal access for every student, every classroom, every day.

o             Facilitate the selection of textbooks and resource materials.

o             Responsible for the preparation of High School Course of Study and various reports as needed.

o             Uses organizational strategy to build a coherent plan for school improvement.

o             Analyze data to evaluate the effectiveness of curriculum and teaching methods.

o             Ensure that the school curriculum is aligned with current assessment tools and strategies.

o             Develop, implement, and evaluate curriculum for improvement of instruction and student achievement.

o             Exhibits a knowledgeable, passionate, and enthusiastic commitment to continuous student improvement with a focus on the district’s instructional priorities.

o             Attend all instructional committee meetings and Board meetings.

o             Plan and organize regular meetings with principals and asst. principals to coordinate a unified curriculum.

o             Generate and deliver reports regarding benchmarks, instructional management

o             Data, curriculum and other relevant topics, along with reporting progress toward meeting goals.

o             Coordinate the recommendation, development, implementation, and evaluation of all instructional school improvement, curriculum, & instruction.

o             Respond to public inquiries about curriculum and instruction.

o             Work cross-functionally with other departmental staff to support individual student needs.

o             Respond appropriately and timely to concerns of school leadership, departmental staff and learning community members.

o             Coach, mentor, evaluate and deliver growth-evoking feedback of the performance and conduct of all assigned personnel to develop a culture of accountability; develop and deliver professional growth activities designed to engage staff to support individual school/district goals and programs to improve student achievement.

o             Provide professional development and ongoing mentor training to all administrators in the district to ensure an environment of fair and consistent treatment to all students in the district.

o             Manage budgets in alignment with the district’s mission and Student Achievement Plan, and in accordance with all applicable laws, rules, and policies.

o             Review, revise, and follow all board policies and district administrative procedures with integrity and ethics; create memorandums of understandings, and manage grant requests.


o             Skill in maintaining regular and predictable attendance for fulfilling job requirements efficiently and effectively. Will be required to attend activities, events, and meetings outside of normal work hours on a regular basis.

o             Utilize culturally competent and culturally responsive engagement strategies with all members of the learning community. Other duties as assigned.


Salary Schedule:  Superintendency