Elementary School Principal - Salt Lake City Public Schools - Salt Lake City - UT

  • Elementary School Principal JobID: 275
  • Position Type:
      Administration/Principal - Elementary
  • Date Posted:
  • Location:
      Edison Elementary School
    (High-Needs School)
  • Date Available:
  • Closing Date:
      Open Until Filled

  FTE:  1.0
Work Calendar:  223 Days
Priority Screen Date:  May 10, 2017

Purpose:  The position of Elementary School Principal at Edison Elementary is for the purpose of providing positive leadership and guidance to create continuous improvement toward equity, excellence and achievement for each student; directing the overall site operations, services, and staff at the school; providing information and serving as a resource to others; implement policies/procedures/processes to improve educational experiences; develop and deploy professional development activities for staff; facilitate learning community meetings; communicate across all constituencies in a professional, persuasive manner; develop and deploy research-based school improvement strategies.


  • Ability to provide leadership and commitment to equity, excellence and achievement for each student.
  • Knowledge of positive leadership and guidance to School Improvement Council and School Community Council.
  • Experience with coaching and delivering growth-evoking feedback focused on student achievement to teachers.
  • Experience supervising and evaluating the conduct/performance of all assigned personnel.
  • Ability to implements policies, procedures and/or processes for the purpose of providing direction and/or complying with mandated requirements.
  • Knowledge of development and delivery of professional growth activities to engage staff and designed to support individual school/District goals and programs to improve student achievement.
  • Experience facilitating grade level/content PLC’s/data meetings to apply analysis of student data to best instructional practices for highest student achievement regardless of race, ethnicity, socioeconomic status, or prior academic achievement.
  • Knowledge in incorporating culturally competent strategies and utilize culturally responsive communication/engagement strategies with all members of the school community.
  • Ability to lead implementation of effective English Language Learners teaching practices.
  • Knowledge and leadership on behalf of special needs students, including laws and regulations of special education and 504 plans.
  • Knowledge and leadership on behalf of accelerated/extended learning programs.
  • Ability to analyze and interpret data to implement achievement strategies to improve student achievement based on the School Improvement Plan (SIP), school-level student achievement data and other factors.
  • Demonstrated ability to manage the school facility and grounds for an appropriate, safe, working and learning environment.
  • Knowledge of how to manage a school budget in alignment with school needs, following district budget, procurement and accounting policies and procedures with integrity and ethics.
  • Skill in developing positive growth-minded interactions with student groups and in working with individual students, including development/implementation of a school-wide behavior management process.
  • Knowledge in leadership development, deployment and supervision of student activities with consideration of academic, social and ethical growth.
  • Skill in communicating campus news and events with the school community and stakeholders through professional communication strategies.
  • Excellent critical thinking, decision making and organizational skills.
  • Ability to be a source of support and inspiration for students, staff and the mission of the district.
  • Experience in collaboration with district employees as necessary for school improvement, and to contribute to the mission of the district as a whole.
  • Demonstrated experience in being ethical, courteous and provide educational leadership in employment activities.
  • Demonstrated skill in maintaining regular and predictable attendance for the purpose of fulfilling job requirements efficiently and effectively. Will be required to attend activities, events, and meetings outside of normal work hours on a regular basis.

Minimum Qualifications:

  1. Master’s degree in Education or related field
  2. State of Utah Administrative/Supervisory License or an out of state license that is transferrable to Utah.
  3. Three years of administrative experience in licensed K-12 education. Administrative intern experience will count for up to one year of credit toward three years of experience.  Salt Lake City School District employees who performed two years of administrative internships in SLCSD will receive credit for both years.
  4. Professional communication skills including, but not limited to:  excellent written and verbal communication skills in English; confident, articulate, and professional speaking abilities; and empathic listening and persuasive speaking skills.

Salary Schedule:  Administrator