Strand One: Leadership

Abram Jimenez, Ed.D.

Title:  Developing an Equity-Based Leadership Agenda: Central Office Support To Schools

Description: Big data has given school districts incredible visibility into what works and what doesn’t when it comes to helping students achieve mastery and transition into college or career. Because of the availability of data, much progress has been made at the level of student-teacher interaction to get better student outcomes. Too many districts, however, are missing an additional opportunity to improve student performance—the use of holistic school performance data. 
As complex systems, schools hold valuable keys to the performance puzzle that student assessment data alone can often miss. Data points such as staff experience and stability, a school’s cultural climate, and school leadership’s fidelity to strategy can all be used to determine the need for extra student supports. What we are looking for is the same level of data fluidity we’ve achieved at the student level on a larger, system-wide level. 
To get there, it is important to have a strategic plan that helps point and guide an organization’s efforts. Focusing collective attention on creating a strategic plan to drive district goals and monitor key performance indicators is vital, along with a commitment to let data drive the development of a multi-tiered system of supports (MTSS) that’s applied where it’s needed most. 
This presentation will guide leaders through the research related to central office supports to ensure true education equity through an MTSS based on combined student and school performance data. You’ll discover: 
• Which school-based data points are most relevant 
• Which on-site supports are most effective 
• How to ensure continuous improvement