Susana Cardova

Chief Schools Officer, Denver Public Schools
900 Grant Street, Room 704
Denver, CO 80203

(720) 423-3581

Susana Cordova brings over 20 years experience in the Denver Public Schools to her position as Chief Schools Officer of the Denver Public Schools. She is a life-long Denver resident and has worked in DPS Schools at the elementary, middle, and high school levels. She has held several positions in Central Administration, and was most recently the Executive Director of Teaching and Learning.

Susana Cordova believes in the power of our schools to transform our city. "Schools are the great equalizer in our society. We must help create opportunities for all children by meeting them where they are and helping them grow and achieve at high levels.” She has worked with principals, literacy specialists, literacy coaches and classroom teachers to support literacy instruction and strives for inclusionary practices to meet the needs of all learners. She has led projects in DPS such as the development of Literacy Pacing and Planning Guides for grades ECE-10, containing daily lessons for the readers/writers workshop model; development of English Language Acquisition qualifications for all building coaches; design of district wide improvement projects, such as CORE Matters (Collaborative Opportunities for Responsive Education MATTERS) and Pedagogical Content Knowledge Intensives; and shifting all district curricula and data into an online Teacher Portal.

Cordova began her teaching career as a bilingual teacher at Horace Mann Middle School, teaching English and Spanish in a dual language program. From there, she moved to West High School, where she was an ESL and English teacher and department chair. She became a student advisor supervising discipline when she was recruited for the Denver Public Schools Leadership Academy. She served as the assistant principal at Bryant Webster Elementary school for one year before becoming the Principal of Remington Elementary School, a school with a 95% free/reduced lunch population.

While at Remington, Cordova helped the school develop a comprehensive school-wide Title I plan and lead the school to implement a visionary program of integrated literacy instruction. While she was the principal, Remington experienced a gain of over 33% over four years on the state reading assessment.

In 2002, Cordova was recruited to the central office as the Director of Literacy. Under her supervision, DPS implemented a district-wide literacy program at all grades, with comprehensive pacing and planning guides and resources. The DPS Literacy Program included extensive support for schools with building-based coaches and ongoing professional development for teachers.

Cordova received her undergraduate degree in English from the University of Denver and a master's degree in Curriculum and Instruction/Education Administration from the University of Colorado. She is a proud alumnus of the Denver Public Schools and her two children are also DPS students.